As 'Ramayana' celebrates its 11th ANNIVERSARY, Debina REMEMBERS those days

When Gurmeet Choudhary as Ram and Debina as Sita became the new favourites...


Indian TV and the viewers have seen numerous references and versions of the epic tales of Mahabharata and Ramayana. Few have floundered, but some of them have excelled amazingly too. While the benchmark of portraying Ramayana was set by Ramanand Sagar back in 1987, we had another massive success that came in 2008.

When Ramayana was re-introduced in 2008 on NDTV Imagine channel, seldom did people expect the tale to become as impactful and successful as the previous one. But, before one knew, this version of Ramayan also went on to be a huge success and established Gurmeet Choudhary and Debina Bonerjee Choudhary as household names as Ram and Sita respectively.

This was their debut show and both the actors have certainly had an amazing graph of work since then. But, as one says, a debut show will always be the most special thing for an actor and as the show completed 11 years today, Debina Bonerjee reminisced some moments from the vault-

Do you miss watching the duo as Ram and Sita? Leave in your comments below...
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..GurmiT.. 2019-01-22T21:52:45Z miss you onscreen Gurmeet Choudhary best of luck for future projects
leenuguru 2019-01-21T04:52:38Z Ram Sita I miss you
Love you Gurmeet Choudhary and Debina
Madhu_31 2019-01-21T04:04:33Z I miss my Maan more than Ram Disapprove
Plzz comeback as our #MSK #DhakDhak Gurmeet Choudhary
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