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'Armaan of Dill Mil Gayye is like me'- Karan Singh

Karan Singh made his debut in a Balaji serial on MTV, titled 'Kitni Mast Hai Zindagi'. Then he was seen in "Solah Sringaar". But now, a fleshy role in a new youth-oriented show, 'Dill Mill Gayye,' has him all charged up.

Published: Saturday,Aug 18, 2007 12:35 PM GMT-06:00
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Karan Singh made his debut in a Balaji serial on MTV, titled "Kitni Mast Hai Zindagi". Then he was seen in "Solah Sringaar" and "Kasuati Zindagi Ki". His career has now taken a complete new turn as the actor will now be seen in a new youth-oriented show, "Dill Mill Gayye,". Chitchat with Karan Singh where he talks about his new show, his venture in Bollywood as well as the future of Indian Television.

Q: What is your "Dill Mill Gayye" all about?
A: It's about five medical interns who are doing their internship in one of the best hospitals named Sanjevani. The serial follows their transformation from medical interns to practicing doctors.

Q: What is your character in the serial?
A: I am playing the role of one of the interns, Armaan Mallik. And how he is, you will all come to know soon. All I can say is he's a wonderful character.

Q: We have heard that it's a youth-oriented story…
A: Yes, very much so. But instead of having a bunch of college-going students we have five medical interns. I am sure that the youth will be interested in watching such a show. It has fun, intensity, seriousness that the study of medicine requires, plus the story of the GeNext.

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Q: You were playing a character in "Solah Sringaar", but now it's off air. Any reasons?
A: Actually, I was not able to devote time there because "Dill Mill Gayye" was in progress. In "Solah Sringaar", my character is currently in London (laughs).

Q: Your debut was with Balaji. How was your experience of working with them?
A: Oh, it was just fantastic. I was lucky to have debuted under such a banner. They are extremely professional. I learned a lot there.

Q: So are you willing to work with them in the future?
A: I will be glad if I get a chance to work with them again.

Q: Out of all the characters you have played so far, which one is your favorite?
A: It has to be my character in "Dill Mill Gayye", the character of Armaan. The reason being the character is very much like me.

Q: New shows are going on air every other day. Do you think that in this highly-competitive market your show will be able to sustain itself?
A: We are hoping for the best, the rest depends on the taste of the audience. It's a fun-filled show, with a different look and feel to it. This show will definitely attract the young crowd and they are our target audience.

Q: Are you planning to switch to films?
A: Not exactly, I won't call it switching. I am part of two films which will be released soon. One is "Bhram" and the other is Subhash Sukla's "I am 24". I don't think at this point of time I will be shifting completely to films. That will depend largely upon the offers that I get.

Q: Many actors are opening up their own production houses, do you wish to do the same?
A: Haven't thought about it as yet.

Q: According to you, want kind of show will rule the market in the future --- family dramas or reality shows?
A: I think the audience is bored of family dramas that have dragged on for years now. I think reality shows will be the next happening things on television.


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ksgforever10 12 years ago luv u ksg hope dmg does nt ends.......................(fingers crossed)....
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saahr-cute 13 years ago kool as always!
love u alot,
and best of luck!
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mr.ass 14 years ago rafi never came back to lataji..

i always liked his duets with asha more anyway.
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umi82990 15 years ago Good article/pictures.

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spsharmila 15 years ago Many happy returns of the day lataji!!!!!!!
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WiTTyGaL 15 years ago please would u ask Mr.Singh abt his love life????????
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priyapiya 15 years ago I wil miss Dr Juhi!!!
Wish she was around 2!!
But this serial is going gr8!!
Love this serial!!
Hope it will stay like this!!
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menkafifa 15 years ago kool
we forward to see your serial.

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nitu07 15 years ago can't wait....
it was my fav show!!:P...I wish dr juhi was there too
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manny2rock 15 years ago thx.....can't wait till 2morrow for the show
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