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Arjun to kill his mother in COLORS' Swarg..

In a major drama sequence in COLORS' Maat Pitaah Ke Charnon Main Swarg, the mother Yashodaji gets killed by her own son Arjun...

Published: Thursday,Feb 04, 2010 15:29 PM GMT-07:00
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Indian Television had for the first time witnessed the mother in Tulsi (Smriti Irani) killing her cruel son Ansh (Akashdeep Saigal) in Star Plus' Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi. And now we will see the exact reverse of this in COLORS and Rajan Shahi's Maat Pitaah Ke Charnon Main Swarg, as Arjun (Nikkhil Chaddha) will eventually end up killing his mom Yashoda (Jyoti Gauba) in a dramatic sequence that will be aired in this Saturday's Maha Episode.

Arjun to kill his mother in COLORS Swarg..
According to our source, "Madhukar (Jignesh Joshi) has kidnapped Suhani (Archana Taide), and Arjun and Madhukar are demanding big money from Shubh (Pracheen Chauhan). But Madhukar double crosses Arjun and demands more money from Yashoda. The Maha Episode will see Arjun giving a fitting punishment to Madhukar. In the process, Yashoda will try to save Suhani from the clutches of Arjun. Suhani and Yashoda run for their lives, when there is a sequence where Arjun stops them and points his gun at his mother and threatens to kill her if she does not hand over Suhani to him. This is where the major high point occurs, and Yashoda asks Suhani to run for her life and get back to Shubh. As Arjun tries to stop Suhani, Yashoda and Arjun have a tiff where Arjun's gun accidentally fires from his hand hitting Yashoda".

"This leaves Yashoda in a pool of blood, and she breathes her last as her sons Shubh and Ansh (Dheeraj Dhoopar) watch on with tears in their eyes", adds our source.

The creative team has already shot the death sequence, and is now busy shooting the last few scenes of Yashoda post her death. "Decision has not been taken on the track of Arjun. We are not sure whether he will be jailed for the crime he has committed or will go scott-free", informs our source.

Jyoti Gauba who essays the character of Yashodaji confirms the news and says, "Yes, my character will be killed by my son Arjun. She tries to save Suhani when she is accidentally killed by Arjun. I have got a lot of scope thro this character in the show; I started my journey playing a young widow and ended up playing the mother of grown up boys".

Nikkhil Chaddha aka Arjun talks about this high-voltage sequence. "It was a very well shot scene wherein a son is totally against his mother and points his gun at her and eventually kills her. I have given my best for this shot, hope the audience likes it".

The creative team has not yet planned on the Shubh-Suhani reunion. However, the buzz is that in the coming episodes there will be another major high point related to Suhani who has gone physically very weak and ill due to the injections administered by Madhukar.

Archana Taide told us, "Suhani had to do a lot of running about for this high voltage scene. She has not yet gone back to Shubh. But yes, she is going down in her health and there will be a track regarding this in the coming future".

Producer Rajan Shahi too confirmed the news about the son killing the mother in Swarg.

Hope this reverse of Mother India track does good for the already increasing ratings of Swarg….

Reporter: Anil Merani, Srividya Rajesh
Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Swathy @SwathyS 13 years ago dont compare kyunki with this .it was one of the best shows that ever aired on tv
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prabhakarkr @prabhakarkr 13 years ago Arjun n Madhukar should had killed each other.....

I don't know where this serial is going.... From Swarg (Heaven) to Narak (Hell)
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shruti @shruti999 13 years ago its a shame 2 swarg team,hw can they evn compare this stupid track with kyunki,arjun cnt b ever compared 2 ansh,arjun dsnt know 2 act at all.n tis show shud go offair now,we r not interested in watching swarg anymore.rajan sahi lacks talent,hes a copycat bigtime.
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Crazy_Soha @Crazy_Soha 13 years ago Oh..! GOD.. wat is going on in this serial..! This is just not gud.. ! in kyunki it was completely different coz his son was evil.... But here its like they had no other choice...! However evil a son might be he wount go on to kill his mother.. NEVER..!
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Devanshi @*Devanshi* 13 years ago It would be foolish to even think of comparing the Ansh death episode in Kyunki with this sequence in this show. Smriti Irani, Aakashdeep and Gauri Pradhan all were just more than perfect and no1 from the industry can match upto their level.
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Shaina_b @Shaina_b 13 years ago What rubbish!!!!!

In Kyunki the scene was fabulous!!!!They will never be able to match upto it!!!!

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zA!N @Virgoboy 13 years ago cheatresssssssssssss ekta ix da best nd kyunki was awesum nd smirti rocksssssssssss love u ekta...............a lot..rajan je kch naya layien phelay saath pheray ki cheating bidaai ab kyun ke nd then pata nae kis kis ki cheating karien gien lozzzzzzzzzzerssssss
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