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Arjun Bijlani's slam book!

TellyBuzz brings to you the Sunday celebrity slam book section with Arjun Bijlani…

The good looking and talented actor Arjun Bijlani, who was recently seen as Aditya in SAB TV's Jo Biwi Se Kare Pyaar, spared time to answer to our slam book questions...

Birthday: 31st October.

Nickname: Jun.

Sun Sign: Scorpion.

Hometown: Mumbai.

Describe yourself: I am different at different times; I am simple, flamboyant, honest, sometimes I lie, I am naughty, romantic and I am very very passionate about what I do.

Strength: My family and my dedication for doing a lot of hard work.

Weakness: Good food; I can't resist sometimes when I find some good food.

What can easily impress you: Simplicity impresses me the most. If a person just be himself/herself whether good or bad, it impresses me.

You're crazy about: Cars.

Hobbies: I am a fitness freak so I can say this as my hobby and it's important as well. I like reading, watching movies, I love reading about cinema and listening to music. Music keeps you alive and helps you in a lot of ways if you are connected to it. So, whenever I feel low, I listen to good music.

A cloud nine moment for you: That would be when I will probably get a Film fare Award.

Do you believe in destiny: Totally! Destiny plays an important role in one's life. A lot people do hard work but everybody's destiny from the same kind of hard work is different. So, God has written good and bad for everybody. We keep on going ahead in life always without knowing that when will destiny change but one thing that everybody has in common is a different destiny.

Song you're humming these days: Sunny Sunny from Yaariyan which is really nice.

Any TV show you follow: Koffee with Karan! It's good to see stars being themselves on the show and Karan asking them really wacky questions. I used to watch Big Boss Saath 7 sometimes because this year, it was really very entertaining.

An unforgettable day of your life: There have many such memories; there are certain moments which we can never forget. I cannot forget the day when I lost my father because we go through a lot of emotions when we lose someone so I can't forget that day.

Describe your daily routine in short: I wake up in the morning, have my breakfast, I go to the gym, I have my lunch after coming back from the gym, I go for the meetings if I have scheduled some, I come back in the evening and I play some sport like table tennis or I read, I go down in the evening for a walk or for a drive, I watch movies at night and that's how my day ends. When I am shooting, it's totally different - I get up in the morning, go for my shoot, comeback home in the evening after shooting 12 hrs., go to the gym, I eat after coming back from the gym and go to sleep.

What's your favorite pass time during free time on the sets: I keep myself busy on my iPad, checking mails to see what fans are writing to me and I reply to them, I tweet or read feedback of the fans. I also chill with my co-stars and have fun with them.

Favorite hangout places in Mumbai: Bandstand, Coffee shop of Marriot, sometimes I also go to Madh Island (Madh Retreat) or I just sit with a coffee in my balcony and enjoy the weather.

Craziest fan encounter so far: There have been many such encounters but there was a fan who sent a letter at my home which looked like as if it was written with blood which was very scary. I would like say to all the fans that not to get indulged in all these things. Love can be expressed in so many ways; you don't need to harm yourself for that.

The best compliment ever received: Once one fan told me that millions of girls like Shah Rukh Khan but for me, you are my Shah Rukh Khan which made me feel special. Your inspiration: My Mom.

You're incomplete without: My wife.

Message to your fans: Thank you everyone for making me feel special in different ways by writing letters, sending gifts, mailing me or writing me on Facebook. Thank you for being in touch and taking out time for me and I will also try to keep myself connected with you all as much as I can and do good work.

Anwesha Kamal


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kanchhii 6 years ago Miss u so much
lovely article jun
it was fun reading it
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sweety01 6 years ago Arjun is too cute
Missing him on screen
urdbest 6 years ago Your fans are waiting for your comeback AB
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come back soon plzzz
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mayuloveu 6 years ago Beautiful answer. Olz come back soon on daily soap arjun...plzzz
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loving u having back on social networking sites
_Capsicum_ 6 years ago Nice answers...
Comeback soon Jun... Missing u alot my rockstar
--Sanchu-- 6 years ago missing your charming presence...hoping to hear ur comeback news really soon...

all the best
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