Aradhaya and Madhav file for a divorce in Khoobsurat!

Love triangle in Dil ki Nazar se Khoobsurat will be full of drama between Aaradhya, Ehsaas and Anisha. Read on to know more.

"Ruchita Mishra"
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Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat on Sony TV is witnessing Anisha (Preeti Amin) falling for Madhav (Rohit Khurana) and Madhav loving Aardhya (Soumya Seth) but somehow things are not good between Aardhya and Madhav and they want to stay separately.

Our source says, "The coming episodes will witness Aaradhya and Madhav to file for divorce. Madhav will tell Aaradhya to leave the house if she is not happy.

Aardhaya will tell Anisha that if she cares for Madhav so much they both should get married after her divorce. However, this will not go well with Anisha and with the due course of time Anisha will re-unite Aaradhya and Madhav."

When contacted Preeti Amin she said, "Yes... Aaradhya wants to seek divorce but Anisha is not a bad soul as she will help the warring couple try to give their relationship a dimension."