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Aradhana Sharma reveals ''I got scared because people told me that you play negative characters very well''

Aradhana Sharma on the experience of giving auditions online in the time of coronavirus, her role in Hero: Gayab Mode On.

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Aradhana Sharma, who is currently being seen on Sony Sab's show 'Hero: Gayab Mode On' talks about her experience of giving interviews online, about her dream role, and many more.

She firstly shares the experience of work from home and how much technology is useful for all of us. She said, "It's like, now we are getting the importance of technology in our life. Like if there is no technology there is no work from home, it will become impossible to be in contact with anyone."

Then she shares a glimpse of her character and how she manages to grab this role "I was at home only as I have to take care of my mother, she has gone through an operation of cataract. Between that I was giving auditions and facing rejections too, like you are not fit for this character, or your face is not suiting this character. And rejection is the thing without which you cannot grow and I have faced it a lot. So when I got this character of 'Naila' who is very positive, bubbly, excited but on the same point, she is very much curious too who brings a different twist and plot to the story. So when this character was offered to me, I got scared because people told me that you play negative characters very well, and you can't play a positive character, so this thing is very much in my mind that will I be able to perform this character or not. And just before the day when I suppose to go to Mumbai, the whole day I have given auditions like sending one video then second video and so on and the next day around 5;30 I got a call from a channel that you have been selected, you have to come now because tomorrow onwards the shoot is starting. So I took the very next flight from Ranchi and I was in Mumbai at 10:30.

Aradhana further shares about her dream role and also with which actor she wants to do the romantic movie " I want to do action movies as I am a very fitness freak. I would love to do a romantic movie with Harshvardhan Rane.

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