Anupamaa: Vanraj rushes to save his parents as he sees his gun pointed towards them

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Anupamaa, Vanraj's problems will be seen escalating.

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The episode of Anupamaa begins with a heartfelt conversation between Anupamaa and Pakhi. Anupama urges Pakhi to consider her role in the family, highlighting the potential for her to become someone's Yashoda maa, just as Anupama is for her own children. Anuj also emphasizes the joy that Pakhi could bring into her and Adhik's life by adopting a child. However, Pakhi expresses her desire to have her biological child and shares her concerns about missing out on pregnancy experiences. This leads to an emotional exchange, leaving Pakhi in tears.

Later, Anupama and the family engage in Navratri celebrations despite their recent loss, remembering Samar's love for the festival. Newcomer Laksh arrives with his mother, and Vanraj seems to be quietly accepting the situation. The family members dance and imagine Samar's presence, cherishing their memories of him.

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However, Pakhi expresses her desire to have her own biological child and cites Anupama's decision to adopt CA, emphasizing the natural priority given to one's own blood. She points out that Barkha had another baby while Adhik was present. Anuj reminds her that he adopted CA as he was also an adopted child. Nevertheless, Pakhi insists on wanting her own child, wanting to experience pregnancy, with all its mood swings and weight gain. Overwhelmed by her emotions, she retreats to her room in tears, with Adhik following her. Barkha tries to rationalize that there's no use thinking about something unattainable.

Later, during Navratri celebrations, Anupama dances with her family, and they perform a pooja. They celebrate the festival despite their recent loss, as it was Samar's favorite time of the year. Laksh and his mother join the festivities. Anupama expresses her gratitude for Samar's presence, even in his absence. The family members dance, and each of them imagines Samar dancing with them.

Amid the celebrations, Anuj receives a call from an inspector with troubling news about a viral video of Vanraj's fight with Shreya. The video could negatively affect their legal case by challenging Vanraj's mental stability. Anuj and Anupama remain determined to handle the situation.

Meanwhile, Vanraj and Kavya's relationship continues to evolve, and Kavya takes care of Vanraj during this challenging time.The following morning, Anuj prepares breakfast for himself while MD offers her assistance. Anupama is not disturbed, considering her emotional state. MD thinks that Anuj's life doesn't seem to matter much to Anupama, as her priority is the Shah family and her children.

At the Shah house, Toshu and Kinjal rush to leave for the visa embassy, leaving Pari with Leela, who is unhappy with their lack of support for Vanraj. Papers fall from their file, and Kavya notices visa documents, raising questions about their visit to the embassy.

The episode continues with news about Vanraj's mental condition and its potential impact on Sonu's case. Vanraj reacts with panic and frustration.Anuj and Anupama have an encounter, with a romantic atmosphere in the background. Anupama asks about CA, and Anuj explains that MD dropped her off at school. Anupama appreciates the bond between the grandmother and granddaughter. Anuj mentions a business meeting, and Anupama advises him not to go alone, considering the danger to his life.

PRECAP: Devika offers to help Anupama in her quest for justice for Samar, and a dangerous situation unfolds at Vanraj's parents' place.

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