Anupamaa: Vanraj refuses Anupamaa to visit the Shah house often, Anupamaa taken aback

In the episode of Star Plus' show Anupamaa tonight, Vanraj will be seen refusing Anupamaa to visit the Shah house very often. This leaves Anupamaa shocked.

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Sudhanshu Pandey and Rupali Ganguly

The episode of Anupama tonight begins with Anupama imparting a valuable lesson to a girl, emphasizing the importance of respecting elders and commending the hardworking elderly man instead of seeking financial help. Anuj, in a display of solidarity, confronts the manager, asserting that if he dismisses the elderly worker, he should be prepared to find a new job himself. Anuj, demonstrating compassion, cleans the old man's glasses and offers his business card for assistance.

The elderly waiter expresses gratitude, mentioning that he's seldom treated with such dignity. Anupama encourages him to take pride in his work at his age, instilling confidence. Anuj expresses sadness at the situation, prompting Anupama to reveal their plan of opening an old age home, hoping to transform society to the extent that elderly individuals won't feel compelled to reside in such facilities.

In a parallel storyline, Tapish acknowledges Dimpy's courage and resilience, praising her for choosing to face challenges head-on instead of seeking refuge behind the Shah family. Dimpy, in a heartfelt moment, confides in Samar's picture about her fears and struggles, emphasizing that her regard for Tapish is strictly as a friend.

Meanwhile, Baa grapples with anxiety despite Vanraj's return, and the next day, he seeks blessings from the family to embark on a new venture. Kavya accompanies him to the hospital, and Dimpy expresses her concern for Tapish's well-being.

Titu reflects on his previous conversation with Dimpy, pondering if she misinterpreted his words. Anupama, observing Adhik and Pakhi's tension, extends her best wishes, only to face Pakhi's harsh remarks about her priorities changing with the impending arrival of a new baby.

The episode unfolds with Pakhi making hurtful comments, targeting Choti's adoption. Anuj intervenes, defending Choti and expressing his and Anupama's deep love for her. Anupama, on the verge of slapping Pakhi, is restrained by Anuj. 


Anuj and Anupama reassure Choti of their unconditional love, while Pakhi continues to make spiteful remarks, prompting Anupama to contemplate the limits of her patience. In a shocking turn of events, Vanraj, standing outside the hospital, thanks Anupama and then requests her not to visit the Shah house frequently, leaving Anupama utterly bewildered.

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She will still keep going to the Shameless Shah shanty to keep getting insulted. She doesn't have any self respect

3 months ago

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