Anupamaa: Sonu gets arrested, Anupamaa heaves a sigh of relief

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus’ show Anupamaa, Anupamaa will finally have Sonu arrested.

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Anupamaa exposes Sonu.

Dimpy conveys to Pakhi that Barkha aunty mentioned her struggle with motherhood and encourages her not to lose hope, emphasizing the various options available. Pakhi, however, reassures Dimpy and suggests that she should focus on her own happiness as she's about to become a mother herself. Dimpy, concerned for Pakhi, admits her worry, to which Pakhi expresses her feelings of Dimpy being the one who created a divide in the family by marrying her brother. 

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Dimpy, acknowledging her role, admits that she couldn't maintain that relationship. Pakhi becomes sad and offers her water. Dimpy expresses gratitude and shares her concerns about juggling her responsibilities, including raising Samar's child. Pakhi advises her to plan and figure out how to manage her life.

Anupama and Devika are preparing to leave and attempt to call Anuj, but Malti Devi informs them that he has already left. Anuj arrives later, and Devika is waiting anxiously. Anupama arrives at Sonu's party at the same club and starts a game of truth and dare, surprising Sonu and his friend. Sonu questions her presence, and she dares him to speak the truth, saying it takes courage to do so.

Anupama provokes Sonu, asking if his father took the gun from him. Sonu is provoked and takes out a gun. Anupama continues to taunt him, suggesting he might have ordered someone to harm Samar. Sonu reveals that he used the same gun to kill Samar, and Anupama questions his motive. Anuj arrives and is threatened by Sonu, who ultimately gets arrested by the police thanks to hidden camera footage. Anupama finds solace in the justice served and relates it to the triumph of good over evil during Dussehra.

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