Anupamaa: Romil spared from jail time through Pakhi's advocacy

In the upcoming Anupamaa episode, tensions ease as forgiveness prevails, with Pakhi advocating for Romil.

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In tonight's Anupamaa episode, Baa (Alpana Buch) questions why Anupama's (Rupali Ganguly) enemy is at the house, but Anupama suggests discussing it later. Anupama speaks to Malti Devi, mentioning that she brought Pakhi home, but Malti Devi appears confused. Baapuji inquires about the situation, and Anupama explains her encounters with Malti Devi. She also reveals Nakkul's betrayal, which caused Malti Devi to lose consciousness.

Police intervention and Pakhi's decision:

Anuj (Gaurav Khanna) appreciates Malti Devi's efforts to bring Pakhi home safely. Baa attributes Malti Devi's condition to karma. The police arrive, and Romil (Viraj Kapoor) pleads with Anuj and Vanraj (Sudhanshu Pandey) not to send him to jail. Pakhi (Muskan Bamne) intervenes, asking the police to drop the charges, claiming it was a misunderstanding.

Vanraj questions Pakhi's actions, but she defends Romil, saying he didn't commit a crime, just a mistake. Pakhi argues that everyone deserves a second chance, including Romil, and forgives him. Pakhi earnestly addresses the situation, acknowledging Romil's significant mistake, which could have caused severe consequences and tension. However, she points out that she's standing there unharmed, thanks to Romil's care, good food, and respectful treatment. She argues that Romil deserves a second chance, emphasizing that he made a mistake but didn't commit a crime. Pakhi says given her family's history of second chances, Romil shouldn't be given one, too. She appeals to everyone's understanding, emphasizing that Romil is not a criminal; he made an error and acknowledges it. Romil apologizes to Pakhi, who forgives him, and they share a heartfelt hug.

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Anupama concurs with Pakhi's perspective, acknowledging the importance of forgiveness and Pakhi's decision to spare Romil from going to jail. However, she emphasizes that forgiveness doesn't equate to complete absolution; Romil must prove himself through his actions and commitment.

Rakhi celebration:

Pakhi suggests celebrating the festival and ties Rakhis to Bapuji, Vanraj, Toshu, Samar, and even Romil. Anupama and Anuj discuss Pakhi's maturity and hope that Adhik and Romil will change. Anuj brings up Malti Devi's situation and suggests sending her to a hospital or centre, leaving the end decision to Anupama. The Shah family is about to leave, and Vanraj expresses doubt about forgiveness. Meanwhile, Romil, in his room, is happy and grateful for celebrating Raksha Bandhan and embraces the Rakhi. Choti arrives and inquires if Pakhi tied a Rakhi on Romil's wrist. Romil, overwhelmed with happiness, sheds tears of joy and expresses his delight at having two sisters now. He promises to protect them and sincerely apologizes to Choti for any past hurts. Choti reciprocates the apology, and they share a heartwarming hug. Meanwhile, Adhik rejoices in Pakhi's return, but Barkha advises him to avoid repeating past mistakes, to which Adhik promises.

Vanraj's skepticism:

Simultaneously, Vanraj approaches Anupama, expressing his concern for Pakhi and desire to take her away. However, he finds himself unable to do so. Anupama reassures him, assuring Vanraj that she and Anuj will take good care of Pakhi. She expresses her gratitude to Anuj for his support and for being a considerate husband. Eventually, Vanraj and the entire Shah family bid their farewells and depart. Anuj encourages Pakhi to rest.

Meanwhile, Anuj receives a call from a neurologist concerning Malti Devi's condition diagnosed with amnesia. Anupama asks Anuj for permission to take care of Malti Devi. After several convinces, Anuj agrees with Anupama's decision. Anupama leaves for the washroom. Meanwhile, Anuj helps Malti Devi from steeping into a showpiece, and Malti Devi addresses Anuj as her son.


In the precap of Anupamaa, Malti Devi behaves strangely and imagines Anuj as her son; she asks him to take her to their home as she doesn't want to stay at Anupama's house.

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