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Anupamaa: Paritosh to find the truth about Vanraj and Kavya?

Anupamaa has been undergoing multiple twists and turns with the ongoing marriage track, however, it looks like a lot more is about to follow ahead.

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Star Plus show Anupamaa has been keeping the audiences at the edge of their seats with all that has been happening. And now, it looks like the episodes ahead are just about to spice up a little with the revelation about Vanraj and Kavya's affair. But will this be it for the two?

We already see how Rakhi points out that Kavya has Vanraj's etched on her palms during the mehendi ceremony. Eventually, we will see Anupamaa talk to Kavya about the same and that is when she will explain how it happened by mistake and that she is not at fault here. However, it looks like Samar comes in just in time to calm things down with the tension kicking in.

Up ahead, we will see how Kavya is jealous and so, she ends up spoiling Anupamaa's mehendi, but eventually apologized as well. Just then, Leena will be seen giving Kavya an earful of sorts, however, when she yells at her, Vanraj goes on to ask her to not take it at heart as this is not the first time that she is getting married.

Meanwhile, during the Haldi ceremony, Nandini is irritated about watching Kavya behave like she is the bride while Anupama's mangalsutra breaks because of Vanraj. While all this is happening, Nandini will seem to have lost her cool and in the heat of the moment, she will go tell the truth to Paritosh.

What will happen next and how will he react? Is this going to be it? Keep reading this space for further updates.


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