Anupamaa: Malti Devi vows to do things her way, challenging Anupama

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Anupamaa, Malti Devi asserts her determination to act as she pleases, challenging Anupama.

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Star Plus show Anupamaa has been captivating the hearts of millions with its compelling characters and intriguing narrative. The current storyline focuses on Tapish supporting and encouraging Dimple (Nishi Saxena) to embrace and live her life.

In tonight's episode, Anupama urges Anuj to assess Choti's syllabus, revealing her dedication to guiding Choti. Puzzled, Anuj questions her reading habits, and she emphasizes the importance of studying. Despite Anuj's suggestion to rest, Anupama awaits Pakhi. The episode unfolds with Pakhi accusing Dimple of an affair with Tapish (Titu), causing disbelief and chaos. Anupama tries to restore peace but faces Pakhi's misbehaviour. Anuj intervenes, and Anupama calls for bedtime.

Reflections on the possibility of a tranquil night arise. Anuj questions Dimple's alleged affair, but Anupama trusts her honesty. Titu brings Dimple home, leading to a surprising encounter with Vanraj. Adhik accuses Pakhi of vengeance, and she counters, stirring a debate about Dimple's pregnancy. Vanraj warns Titu to stay away from Dimple, sparking a heated confrontation. The episode ends with Vanraj maintaining his stance despite potential misunderstandings.

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In the upcoming episode of Anupamaa, Malti Devi wonders about the sudden rise in the electricity bill. Barkha taunts Bapu ji for the increase, attributing it to his forgetfulness in turning off the AC. Malti Devi remarks that such incidents occur when someone else is paying the bill. Baa and Bapu Ji feel uneasy with the taunts, but Anuj intervenes, expressing support for them. He suggests Malti Devi inquire with the bill payer first about any concerns. Malti Devi changes her tone, apologizing if she has offended them. In another subplot, Anupama confronts Malti Devi, stating she has no issue with Malti Devi's stay but takes issue with her political manoeuvring. Malti Devi vows to continue as she pleases and challenges Anupama, asking who will force her to leave the house.

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