Anupamaa: Malti Devi suggests the marriage of Dimple and Titu; Vanraj confronts Titu

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Anupamaa, Malti Devi suggests that Dimple should marry Titu, but Leela staunchly rejects the idea. 

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In the upcoming episode of Anupamaa, Anupama (Rupali Ganguly) urges Anuj (Gaurav Khanna) to check the extent of Anu's syllabus. Puzzled, Anuj questions Anupama about her late-night reading. She explains that studying is essential for her to effectively guide Anu. Anuj suggests Anupama take a break to avoid falling ill, but she insists on waiting for Pakhi. Anuj marvels at Anupama's unpredictability, pondering why she scolds Pakhi in her presence and worries about her in her absence.

Adhik advises Pakhi against creating a scene, but she asserts her innocence, vowing not to stay silent this time. Anupama inquires about the issue, and Pakhi accuses Dimple of having an affair with Tapish (Titu). Anupama expresses disbelief, and Adhik tries to intervene, urging Pakhi to stop. Pakhi persists, claiming Dimple's involvement with Titu. Leela, Malti, Barkha, and Hasmuk inquire about the reason behind Pakhi's loud outburst. Pakhi discloses to Leela that Dimple is allegedly having an affair with Titu. Despite Pakhi's claim, Leela dismisses the notion. Pakhi questions Leela's disbelief, while Malti remarks that Leela should have considered the consequences before leaving the Shah house. Pakhi insists on Dimple's supposed affair, prompting Anupama to urge Leela to remain calm. Malti suggests that Dimple should marry Titu, but Leela staunchly rejects the idea. She advises Anupama against entertaining any thoughts about a potential alliance between Dimple and Titu. Anupama tries to calm the situation, but Pakhi misbehaves. Anuj intervenes, asking her to behave with Anupama and urging her to be careful. Anupama requests everyone to retire for the night and promises to confront Dimple.

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Anupama reflects on whether they'll ever have a peaceful night. Anuj questions if Anupama believes Dimple is having an affair, but she trusts Dimple's honesty, stating that Dimple would have confided in her. Tapish brings Dimple home, and they share a conversation. Vanraj's unexpected arrival surprises them. Adhik confronts Pakhi, accusing her of being vengeful, but she counters, claiming Dimple can't be a mother. Adhik suggests Pakhi is jealous because Dimple is pregnant, leaving him disgusted.

Vanraj warns Tapish to stay away from Dimple. Dimple defends herself, asserting her innocence. Vanraj insists that, while Dimple can work, Tapish should keep his distance. Kavya defends Tapish, stating that Vanraj misunderstood the situation. Vanraj acknowledges the possibility of being wrong but maintains his stance on Tapish staying away from Dimple. The episode concludes.

Precap: Malti Devi mocks Leela and Hasmuk over the electricity bill. Anuj expresses indifference to the bills, prompting Malti to reveal her issues with his politics. Anupama confronts Malti, asserting that no one can deter her.

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Just a reminder to the show makers that Samar ko mare abhi chaar mahine bhi nahi hue. Itni jaldi toh breakup se move on nahi karte log, seedha shaadi?

2 months ago

Is this the 1800’s? Why can’t Dimpy marry a good guy like Tituda? Who is Leela to object?

2 months ago

How many times will Vanraj Shah Be Back? This useless TamaShahi doesn’t scare us anymore! He is just a jobless joker!

2 months ago

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