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Anupamaa: Kavya walks out of Vanraj's life & family

Here’s what’s in the store for Star Plus' show ‘Anupamaa’s viewers.

Published: Tuesday,May 09, 2023 06:56 AM GMT-06:00
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Samar is angry with Anuj's sudden change of heart and wonders what made him act so coldly. Kinjal also thinks that there must be some reason behind his rejection. They want to talk to him, but Anupama stops them. 

Babuji is heartbroken to see Anupama's pain and vows never to forgive Anuj.

Vanraj and Barkha exchange secret glances.

Kanta Ben empathizes with her and comforts her. Babuji is heartbroken to see Anupama's pain and vows never to forgive Anuj. Anupama decides to move on with her life without depending on any man. She refuses to cry over them and stands up for herself. 

Here at Kapadia's, Adhik scolds Pakhi for going to Mumbai and trying to convince Anuj to return to Anupama. He says that if their parents' love, Dheeraj and Devika's efforts could not reunite them, how could Pakhi succeed? Pakhi and Adhik argue. Barkha enjoys their fight and provokes Pakhi to leave KM. Pakhi decides to stay where her husband stays, at KM, where Adhik wants to stay, much to Barkha's dismay.

Anupama and Bhairavi bond over their shared experiences and support each other. Anupama feels Anuj's love but decides not to go to him again.

Shah's family returns to their house, and Baa berates them for going to Anupama's celebration. Babuji tells her to stop her lecture. Kavya and Vanraj have a huge fight. Kavya has had enough and decides to leave Vanraj and his Shah family.

Anupama remembers her dance teacher from Ahil Doon and wants to join her dance academy.


Anupama has been a fan of Maitri Devi since college days. Kinjal has enrolled her name in this Gurukul. Maitri Devi is seen teaching dance steps to many women students.

Kavya is seen walking out of Shah's house with her suitcase and cursing Vanraj that soon a day will come when everyone will leave him. 

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