Anupamaa: Dimpy criticises Tapish's dance and calls it a waste of time

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Anupamaa, Dimpy will be seen criticising Tapish's dance.

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In the episode of Anupamaa tonight, Anupama (Rupali Ganguly) brings Dimpy (Nishi Saxena) outside and invites Malti Devi (Apara Mehta) to admire her, commenting on how lovely she looks. Malti Devi complies, acknowledging Dimpy's appearance. Anuj (Gaurav Khanna) joins them and performs a protective ritual, dispelling any negative energy around Dimpy. He suggests that Anupama give money to the poor and comments on the beauty of pregnant women, stating that Dimpy also looks radiant today. Dimpy coughs, prompting Adhik to rush and get her some water. After she drinks, Adhik advises her to ensure she has a water bottle, snack bars, and candies in her purse, offering Swiss chocolates.

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Anuj also brings gifts, while Malti Devi reflects on the care given to pregnant women, even by strangers on a bus. Anuj gifts Dimpy imli goli from Babu ji and methi ki laddoo from himself. Anupama wonders how Dimpy will fit all these items in her bag, but Adhik assures her. Pakhi observes everything and feels undervalued in the house.

Toshu is preoccupied with a call regarding a UK embassy visit, seemingly unconcerned about Pari's tears. Vanraj asks Toshu to deposit a check at the bank, but Toshu remains absorbed in his call. Babu ji intervenes, admonishing Toshu for neglecting Vanraj while his daughter is upset. Toshu justifies his actions by stating he was focused on the UK embassy work and later agrees to accompany Vanraj to the bank.

Adhik enters Pakhi's room and inquires about her well-being. Pakhi brings up the care provided to Dimpy during her pregnancy and expresses her frustration about not receiving the same attention. She shares her concerns about not being able to become a mother and feeling ignored. Adhik advises her not to use a pity card repeatedly and leaves the room. Malti Devi notices Pakhi crying.

Later, Anupama encourages Malti Devi to rest, but Malti Devi suggests that she herself must be tired, given her busy day. Anupama and Malti Devi share a moment and discuss waiting for their spouses. Malti Devi advises Anupama to be a good mother and mother-in-law and not a strict mother-in-law. Anupama agrees, and Malti Devi mentions that it also depends on the daughter-in-law.

Meanwhile, Kavya feels uneasy and worried about her baby. Baa offers comfort and explains that her uneasiness might be due to the seventh month of pregnancy. She advises Kavya to take deep breaths and relax, eventually helping her get some rest.

Anupama presents a meal to Anuj, who playfully comments on not being able to achieve six-pack abs after marrying her. Anupama reassures him of his attractiveness and asks him to eat. Anuj mentions that he hasn't been able to exercise for two years but intends to start soon. He inquires about her meal preferences for the next day, and Anupama requests pancakes, mentioning that she had prepared them for Romil and Choti. Anuj notices Romil's return and comments on it. Romil leaves a book on the table and expresses his appreciation for Anupama's kheer.

Adhik tries to have a conversation with Pakhi and reminds her that if she cannot become a mother, it means he cannot become a father. Anupama suggests arranging a traditional "godh bharayi" for Kavya, as she believes it's essential. Anuj agrees, saying they can do it two more times if Anupama wishes.

As Anupama leaves to complete some tasks, she enters Romil's room and is shocked by what she sees.

PRECAP: Dimpy attends Tapish's dance event but finds it uninteresting. She informs Malti Devi about Kavya's upcoming "godh bharayi" and the preparations for the ceremony.

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