Anupamaa: Dimple's past trauma gets triggered; Kavya consoles

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show 'Anupamaa,' Dimple receives an unsettling call and endures a restless night, leading to her being triggered.

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In tonight's Anupamaa episode, Anuj (Gaurav Khanna) inquires of Anupama (Rupali Ganguly) about the chair adorned with a red cloth, prompting her to crown him. Anuj grasps the symbolism, declaring himself a king and questioning which fortress he conquered. Anupama poetically reveals that he won her heart, expressing immense love. Anuj playfully embraces his newfound monarchy, highlighting societal biases in praising men's actions over women's. Anupama, relieved of guilt, credits Anuj for bringing her family. 

Dimple receives an unsettling call and endures a restless night, portraying concern. The following day, Kavya, awakening late, learns of Dimple's anxious night. Dimple recounts the details, expressing that a similar incident had occurred previously. Kavya advises her to stay composed, attributing her distress to the triggering nature of the situation. Meanwhile, at the Kapadia Mansion, Anupama confides in Malti Devi about Anuj bringing Baa and Babu Ji without seeking permission, emphasizing their comfort. Pakhi, skeptical, questions the extended stay, to which Anupama responds graciously. Romil brings Baa and Babu Ji, and Anuj dispels hierarchy, affirming respect for individuals, not chairs.


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Pakhi questions Anupama about serving Baa and Babu Ji, suggesting it has become a routine. Anupama responds that she willingly serves them, prompting Pakhi to accuse her of disrupting everyone's habits and being frequently called to the Shah house. Anupama counters, emphasizing the care provided by Baa and Babu ji, highlighting their familial roles. Anuj intervenes, directing Pakhi to her room for breakfast. Pakhi complains about the morning drama.

Kavya and Dimple, hearing a knocking sound, witness Tapish's arrival. He inquires about the apparent chaos, and Dimple asks about his reason for visiting Shah House. Tapish explains that he is here seeking keys. Kavya asks Dimple to prepare for the dance academy until she hands over the key to Tapish. Dimple agrees and leaves. Kavya asks Tapish to do a favor by taking care of Dimple. Anuj, treating Baa and Babu Ji as parents, expresses gratitude for Anupama's love.

Precap: Goons harass Dimple, leading to Tapish's intervention, captured in a viral video, causing distress for Anupama's family.

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All Shameless Shahs always have some or the other issue. Now these two will be the next to enter K Dharamshala as per Anupamaid's plan (why two pregnant women were left by themselves is the biggest mystery). And finally King Vanraj Shah will make his grand re-entry and proclaim that he is bek, after which together they will all throw out Majboor Kapadia from his house. Fun times ahead indeed.

3 months ago

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