Anupamaa: Dimple suggests not taking the case to the High Court

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Anupamaa, Anupama consoles Bapuji amid their fight for justice, but a surprising revelation by Dimple regarding Kinjal and Toshu's departure leaves Anupama in shock.

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The Hindi soap opera "Anupamaa" continues to enthral viewers with its compelling characters and captivating narrative. The current storyline revolves around Samar's (Sagar Parekh) tragic passing and Anupama's (Rupali Ganguly) quest for Samar's justice.

In tonight's episode, Anupama and Anuj (Gaurav Khanna) continue their quest for justice for Samar, sharing an emotional moment and enduring various challenges. Anupama's protective instincts come to the forefront when she defends Anuj from a potentially life-threatening attacker. The family faces turmoil as Malti Devi pleads with Anupama not to let Anuj provide a statement due to her fear of the pain it might cause. Pakhi questions Anupama's decision, but Anuj firmly supports his wife. 

In the upcoming episode of "Anupamaa," viewers will witness an emotional moment as Anupama consoles Bapuji, urging him not to lose hope and assuring him of their unwavering commitment to the fight. However, a twist occurs when Dimple interjects, suggesting that there might be an alternative to avoid taking the case to the High Court. Anupama, in response, questions Dimple about whether they can truly find peace if they do not seek justice for Samar's tragic demise.

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Dimple had initially anticipated that Samar's unfortunate passing would bring the family closer together, but it had the opposite effect. Dimple discloses Kinjal and Toshu's intentions to leave the family to Anupama in a heartfelt outpouring of emotions. Anupama, looking bewildered, seeks confirmation, and it is Bapuji who provides the revelation that will leave Anupama shocked.

The burning question that arises is how Anupama will react to this startling revelation and whether she will attempt to prevent Kinjal and Toshu from departing.

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