Anupamaa: Dimple and Tapish fall under a scam as their morphed video goes viral

In the upcoming episode of Anupamaa, Romil discovers a morphed video of Tapish and Dimple, causing concern.

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In tonight's Anupamaa episode, Baa is busy in the kitchen, and Barkha questions her activity. Baa, insisting she can't be idle, mentions she's unwell and aged. She recalls Shah Rukh Khan's film quote about the wonder of those who don't work. Barkha, intrigued, is asked by Baa to cut tomatoes. Malti Devi intervenes, reminding Barkha that Baa is the guest and she should rest. Baa clarifies they won't treat Anuj's house as their own. Malti Devi suggests resting to avoid falling, but Baa insists on preparing Anuj's favourite food. Later, Malti Devi and Baa decide to have a  culinary face-off to find out whose Aloo ka halwa would be the best. Barkha anticipates a clash between the mother-in-law and will to enjoy the entertainment.

Meanwhile, at the dance academy, Tapish teaches dance and notices Dimpy's worried expression. He invites her to teach a step he forgot, aiming to lighten her mood. One of the two goons attempts to capture them on their phone while both make hurtful comments. Tapish confronts them, but the goons successfully create a damaging video from outside as revenge against them.

Baa and Malti Devi present their halwa to Anuj in a culinary face-off. Ankush teases Anuj, who tastes both, declares them equal, and playfully mixes them. Malti Devi offers to make gobi, and Baa prefers bhareli bhindi. Anuj appreciates Baa's understanding, causing a subtle tension. Anupama suggests they do not compete.

Tapish assures Dimple he'll handle the situation. Dimple rebuffs his sympathy, asserting her independence. Romil teaches Babu ji computer skills while Anuj and Anupama arrive. Romil discovers a morphed video of Tapish and Dimple, causing concern. Anuj vows to investigate and erase the video, realizing the potential fallout. Baa is about to check her phone; Babu Ji intervenes and puts the phone in flight mode to avoid trouble. Anuj contacts someone to remove the video from the internet. Dimple watches the video, distressed. Tapish consoles her, but Dimple laments the impact on her life and career.

Precap: Dimple expresses her inability to endure taunts, but Anupama encourages her, emphasizing the need to fight back. Later, as they confront the goons, one asks Dimple if she enjoyed the video. Anupama takes a belt, asserting that succumbing to fear empowers them. Dimple finds courage and joins in the confrontation. Anupama declares that their videos will now become viral.

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Dirt in head then how come an Indian show will run without showing dirt ..?Dirt everywhere...

3 months ago

Ye Dumpy kitna jhelegi. It seems she is DKP's favourite punching bag. Kya kuch nahi ho gaya iske saath

3 months ago

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