Anupamaa: Bapu ji's memory issues raise concerns

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Anupamaa, Bapu ji mentions having dinner just after, raising concerns about his memory loss.

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In tonight's episode of Anupama, when Anupama (Rupali Ganguly) discovers that Kavya's (Madalsa Sharma) phone is switched off, she rushes to save her, asking Baa to alert the neighbors. Meanwhile, Kavya, about to enter the house, becomes uneasy upon hearing the sound of a firecracker, while Anupama is on her way to rescue her. Anupama wonders why Dimple or Kavya aren't picking up the call, while Kavya is about to unlock the door.

Kavya enters the house and notices a strange smell, opening the window. As she is about to switch on the fan, Anupama arrives, warning her not to touch anything. Anupama enters, turns off the stove and gas, and brings Kavya outside the door. Kavya loses her cool, but Anupama calms her down. Kavya reveals that Baapuji has started to forget everything, to which Anupama assures that they will take him to a good doctor.

Kavya worries if Baapuji will be upset about the situation, and Anupama sends a voice note to Baa, informing her that nothing happened, everyone is safe, and the gas was turned off.

Anupama then inquires about Vanraj's re-entry, as Kavya's eighth month has begun and Dimple has been tormented by goons. Kavya says she will ask him, and Anupama suggests that Kavya accompany them to Kapadia Mansion. Kavya declines, saying it's fine. She advises Anupama to take time for herself and pursue her dreams.

Kavya believes that Anupama has come halfway and needs to go further in her life. Anupama connects her dream of visiting America with a butterfly and is optimistic that it will come true. They both look at a flying airplane and smile.

Later, during dinner at Kapadia Mansion, Ankush burps, apologizing, and Baapuji reminisces about when this was normal. Ankush makes fun of Barkha, and Baa appreciates Anupama's cooking. Anuj and Anupama exchange "I love you" while Choti seeks help with her studies.

Bapuji shocks everyone by declining saunf, thinking dinner is still pending. Meanwhile, Kavya and Dimple have fun, promising to always be happy. Anuj and Anupama express concerns about Bapuji and share moments while having ice cream. Anuj suggests a trip outside India, recalling Martin's invitation to America. Their conversation takes an unexpected turn as Anuj is shocked by something. 

Precap: Anuj and Anupama catch Romil driving a scooty without a license and helmet, confronting him.

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LOL. TamaShahs and their never ending Tamashe. Now buddha doesn't need to do dhong and rona dhona. Ab toh kuch bhi karne ka license mil gaya hai.
Ye ghatiya vahiyaat couple DukhLee ko ready made excuses mil gaye hai and now they will ensure that maid serves them forever

3 months ago

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