Anupamaa: Baa questions Pakhi's desire for a flat in their ancestral house

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Anupamaa, Pakhi discusses wanting a flat in their family's ancestral home with Baa, sparking a heated argument in which Dimple cautions Pakhi against disrespecting Baa.

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Anupamaa: Baa questions Pakhi's desire for a flat in their ancestral house, and she expresses her intention to claim her share

In tonight's Anupamaa episode, Anupama (Rupali Ganguly) assures Shruti (Sukirti Kandpal) that Kanha ji's blessings resolve any misunderstanding with AK. She advises Shruti to keep her heart clean and not to worry, and she hopes for no further misunderstandings. Anupama encourages Shruti to focus on her role as a mother and not worry about being friends and sharing her own experiences. Shruti mentions AK's strictness, but Anupama suggests finding the root of the problem. They feel a connection, but Vikram interrupts their conversation for a grocery store visit.

Baa talks to Pakhi about her desire for a flat in their ancestral house. Pakhi's request triggers a heated discussion, with Dimple intervening. Pakhi expresses her intention to claim her share. Anupama questions Vikram's choice of a taxi, and they head to the grocery store. Anuj appears, Anupama spots him, and he gets hit by a car. Anupama rushes to help, but Vikram urges her to continue. Kavya questions Vanraj about selling the house for redevelopment. Vanraj shares plans for a penthouse with Kavya and everyone.

Aadhya and Shruti attend to Anuj after the accident. Vikram inquires about Anupama's reaction. Kavya contemplates a job offer at a fashion institute. Vanraj warns her not to make past mistakes. A worried Anupama receives a call from Shruti about Anuj's accident. She promises to help and plans to visit Shruti after finishing work. 

Precap: Yashpal praises Anupama's cooking at the restaurant, offering her a cooking job if she maintains the quality. Anupama decides to deliver food to Shruti's house. Shruti shares her concern about AK with Anuj, and Aadhya opens the door.

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Sasur ne jo ghar banaya vo ancestral ho gaya. Lol. Thoo thoo shahis kuch bhi dikha dete hai

4 months ago

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