Anupamaa: Anupamaa invites Tapish home and the two shake a leg together

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus’ show Anupamaa, Anupamaa will be seen calling Tapish home.

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Rupali Ganguly, Nishi Saxena and Kunwar Amarjit Singh as Anupamaa, Dimpy and Tapish in Anupamaa.

Anuj (Gaurav Khanna) and Anupama (Rupali Ganguly) gracefully swayed to the rhythm of "Kab Tak Chup Baithe." Anuj, feeling confident, playfully declared that he would rise to the challenge in front of their guests. Anupama, somewhat surprised, admitted she had made the challenge lightly. Anuj, in a lighthearted tone, advised her not to make such challenges. In a playful moment, he briefly dimmed the lights and requested a kiss on the cheek. The audience erupted in applause as the lights returned, and Anupama whispered to him, acknowledging his cleverness.

After the dance, Anupama retreated to the kitchen, where she silently prayed for every woman to be blessed with a loving husband like Anuj. Her thoughts then turned to a person approaching, whom she mistook for Samar, playfully calling him a thief. The stranger introduced himself as Tapish, though he jokingly claimed to be "Tittu." He explained that he was a dancer with a substantial following, sharing a funny story about Dimpy's critique of his dance style. Tapish expressed his admiration for Anupama and requested her blessing, taking note of her kheer, which he couldn't resist tasting. Anupama fondly remembered her son, Samar, and offered Tapish an invitation to their family function.

At the event, Tapish made a graceful entrance, touching Malti Devi's feet and impressing Pakhi with his social media following. Baa, Pakhi, and Dimpy were curious about Tapish's visit, and Anupama clarified that he had come to meet Dimpy. Dimpy and Tapish engaged in a friendly conversation about dancing, with Tapish expressing his desire to dance with Anupama, which she graciously accepted. Their impromptu dance on "Dholri Ra" brought joy to everyone present.

After the dance, Tapish acknowledged the family's privacy and expressed his willingness to join their dance academy, which held sentimental value for Anupama, as it had been run by her late son and daughter-in-law. Despite the limited salary, Tapish agreed to work with them. Anupama mentioned the need for someone to manage the academy, and Tapish assured her he would visit when in Ahmedabad. 

Baa, however, was concerned about Dimpy talking to a stranger, but Anupama reassured her. Anuj captured the moment with a photo and praised Anupama for her contributions to the family. Baa, although initially upset, was touched by Anuj's words and the family's love. Malti Devi overheard their conversation and appeared disturbed.

In the next episode, Baa seeks Kinjal's assistance to prevent Toshu from leaving the house, and Anupama and Malti Devi are seen preparing for a puja.

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Is it just me or did the writers also forget that Anupama lost her son about two weeks ago (Naavratri ke nau din pehle tha naa) diwali ka tak (in serial time, not IRL time) wait kar lete to show them moving on with a new bakra🙈

3 months ago

Can’t connect with the story any more . It has become unbelievable.

3 months ago

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