Anupamaa: Anupamaa and Anuj ask Ankush to speak to Romil without the typical 'parents' approach

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Anupamaa, Anupamaa and Anuj will be seen asking Ankush to speak to Romil without the typical parent approach.

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A still from the episode of Anupamaa tonight.

Anupama enters Romil's room, and what she discovers leaves her in shock. She carefully places his book on the bed and exits. Inside the room, Romil wakes up, startled, worrying if Anupama had seen something she shouldn't have. Anupama believes that before Romil gets exposed to inappropriate content on the internet, she needs to have a conversation with Anuj and Ankush to help him understand better.

Meanwhile, Babu Ji and Vanraj take a walk in the park. Babu Ji's friends commend Vanraj for his deep love and respect for his father, especially considering that many people his age opt to place their parents in retirement homes. Babu Ji proudly speaks of Vanraj's dedication, recounting how he turned down a more lucrative job offer in Delhi to stay close to his parents, choosing family over career advancement. The friends share a hearty laugh, but Vanraj can't join in, admitting that he feels like crying. He apologizes to Babu Ji.

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Anupama, in the meantime, seeks Anuj's advice on how to broach a sensitive topic. Anuj reassures her that Romil will understand. Ankush arrives, and Anuj suggests that Anupama explain the situation to Romil. Anupama hesitates to mention the subject, but Anuj encourages her to open up. She eventually reveals that when she entered Romil's room, he was watching adult content. This revelation infuriates Ankush, who immediately wants to confront Romil. Anuj advises against the typical parent reaction and urges Ankush to take a different approach.

Back at the park, the older men and women are having a good time, dancing and laughing to music. Babu Ji encourages Vanraj to join in the festivities. However, Vanraj declines, suggesting that the others are carefree because they don't have the same problems and pains in their lives. Babu Ji shares the stories of the other men, emphasizing that everyone experiences pain in life, but some learn to overcome it while others allow it to fester. He advises Vanraj to choose the path of light over darkness.

Anuj explains to Ankush and Anupama that they're not complaining about Romil's actions. Anupama clarifies that what Romil is going through is normal due to hormonal changes. Anuj insists that it's essential for children to receive sex education at this age. Anupama highlights the importance of Romil understanding these matters from his family rather than turning to the internet. Ankush worries about how to approach this topic with his son. Anupama and Anuj suggest becoming a friend to their sons during this period. They express their concern that if Romil doesn't receive guidance, he might make wrong choices. Ankush thanks them for their insights, and Anuj assures that they are all there to support Romil.

Dimpy prepares to leave the house, and Anupama packs a lunchbox and some snacks for her. She advises Dimpy to ask the driver for anything she might need. Dimpy appreciates the gesture and hugs Anupama. Choti Anu calls Anupama for her book, but Pakhi appears disgruntled. Anupama offers Pakhi some items, but Pakhi's unhappiness seems to stem from Anupama telling her to take something. Anupama contemplates fasting more and hopes that Pakhi can become a mother. In the kitchen, Pakhi notices an advertisement and Malti Devi arrives, warning her about a potential scam and offering to take her to a reputable doctor. She empathizes with Pakhi's desire to experience motherhood. Anupama discusses doctors with someone over the phone.

Dimpy's friend takes her to a dance event to help her forget her sorrows. As she enjoys the music, she starts dancing, letting her hair down. Dimpy acknowledges her longing for Samar but chooses to cherish the moment and momentarily escape her pain. While dancing, she crosses paths with a guy who is apparently a prominent social media influencer with 2.5 million followers.

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