Anupamaa: Anupama mends Choti's heart; Malti Devi vows to make a bigger impact on Diwali

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Anupamaa, Anupama attempts to mend things with Choti by offering to tie her hair.

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In tonight's Anupamaa episode, all the Kapadia family members are joyfully lighting fireworks. Observing Dimple's (Nishi Saxena) sombre expression, Anupama (Rupali Ganguly) signals her to come over. Choti expresses her desire to ignite another cracker, and as it bursts, Dimple accidentally falls onto Anupama while Choti stumbles and is caught by Malti Devi. Anuj rushes to Choti and Anupama hurries. Malti Devi accuses Anupama of neglecting Choti in favor of Dimple, sparking tension. Anupama defends herself, stating her concern for both Choti and Dimple. Pakhi argues that Anupama only cares for Dimple, to which Anupama discloses that Dimple is pregnant. Malti Devi continues to blame Anupama.

Anupama reassures everyone that she treats all her children equally, emphasizing her love for each one. Malti Devi, unsatisfied, expresses her concern for Choti's well-being, stating that Anupama prioritized Dimple because she is carrying her son's child. Anuj intervenes, confirming that both Dimple and Choti are fine, but Malti Devi remains upset. Anupama tries to approach Choti, who hides behind Malti Devi and runs to Anuj. Anuj consoles Choti while Anupama looks disheartened.

On the other hand, Toshu informs Kinjal that he has packed their belongings, including Pari's clothes. Seeing Kinjal upset on the bed, Toshu inquires about her feelings. Kinjal tearfully suggests cancelling their trip. Anuj informs Choti about Anupama's concern for Dimple due to her pregnancy. Despite Anupama signalling not to disclose this, Anuj mentions it. They decide to have chocolate, and Malti Devi criticizes Anupama for not prioritizing Choti. Anupama's attempts to console Choti are unsuccessful, and Pakhi blames Dimple for ruining everything before storming off.

Barkha tells Malti Devi that she has made a significant impact on Choti Diwali. Malti Devi, determined to make a bigger impact on Diwali, starts playing with fireworks. Toshu and Kinjal discuss their decision to move, assuring each other that they will send money to Babu Ji and visit every year. Baa, pretending to be cheerful, brings a thread for their luggage, and Toshu and Kinjal hide their true emotions.


The next day, Anupama confides in Anuj about Choti's sadness, blaming herself for Choti's complex feelings. Anuj encourages Anupama to rectify the situation with love and understanding, advising her not to cry on Diwali. Anupama decides to follow his advice, and a song plays in the background. Meanwhile, Kavya helps Vanraj get ready for Diwali, and he reveals that he has a special announcement. Baa suggests taking a family photo to preserve memories, and they click selfies.

Anupama attempts to mend things with Choti by offering to tie her hair. Choti initially ignores her, but Anupama apologizes, holding her ears. Choti finally softens, and Anupama expresses her love. Choti questions why Dadi claimed that Anupama favors Pakhi and Dimple. Anupama clarifies that her love is equal for all children, explaining the circumstances of the previous night and reassuring Choti of her special place in Anupama's heart.

Precap: Pakhi discovers a gift and assumes it's for her. Adhik reveals that it's actually for Dimple as a Bhai Dooj present. Pakhi questions Dimple's right to wear it, given her widowhood. Anupama intervenes, warning Pakhi not to use such language and expressing concern for Dimple. Dimple worries about the Diwali celebrations, and Tapish assures her that the diyas won't go out. Anupama prays for Dimple's happiness.

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