Anupamaa: Anupama cautions Aadhya, threatening a slap if she misbehaves again

Anupamaa written update, 10 June 2024: Anupama warns Aadhya about the consequences of her actions, emphasizing the severity of locking Pari in the storeroom, and says that if she repeats it, Anupama might slap her.

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Anupamaa: Anupama cautions Aadhya, threatening a slap if she misbehaves again
Anupama and Aadhya from Anupama. Image Courtesy: Star Plus

In tonight's Anupamaa episode, Devika is shocked to discover that Aadhya had confined Pari to the storeroom. Anupama (Rupali Ganguly) mentions she's not entirely convinced yet. Devika urges her to consider the woman involved. Anupama notes that the woman hasn't called back, expressing confusion about Mr. Shah's actions and concern for Dimple's safety. She admits she is unsure how to gather evidence against Toshu to prove her innocence. Anupama shares that Baa is disappointed with her, Mr. Shah mocked her with a song when Anuj arrived, which upset Shruti, and Ansh has also been causing trouble.

Aadhya calls Ishu, saying she missed them and wanted to check-in. Ishu informs her that Pari was locked in a room. Aadhya asks who saved her, and Ishu replies that it was Super Nani. Toshu, while tying Pari's hair, asks who told her to lock herself in the storeroom. Pari says it was Aadhya. Toshu remarks that Aadhya must have locked her there. Pari defends Aadhya, saying she wouldn't do that as she protected her during the shootout and saved her from being bullied at school. Toshu insists that Aadhya is very clever. Kinjal intervenes, asking Toshu why he's teaching Pari the wrong things and insists that even if Aadhya had done it, they need to handle it maturely. Toshu retorts that he will find out and scold Anupama, criticising her parenting. Kinjal, teary-eyed, asks why he's dragging Mummy into this. He tells her not to raise her voice and asserts that this is his father's house.

Anuj reminds Aadhya of a broken promise:

Anuj (Gaurav Khanna) notices Aadhya straightening her hair and advises her to apply oil instead. She agrees, and he compliments her appearance. He reminds her of a broken promise and requests her to behave nicely with everyone, but once the marriage functions are over, their relationship with others will end. She reiterates that after they return, he should marry Shruti. Anuj reflects on his high expectations and hopes she can overcome her trauma and return to being his Choti.

In another scene, Babu ji, Titu, Ansh, Toshu, and Vanraj bring breakfast and tea. Kavya, Kinjal, and Baa criticise the food for being uncooked and burnt. Baa teases Babu ji, who asserts not to underestimate men. Anupama and Devika join them, and Vanraj suggests Anupama use a face mask, teasing her about her appearance. Toshu announces that breakfast is ready, and Anupama quips about the absence of any pests. She questions why they are always after her, suggesting they either love her or find her important. Anuj and Aadhya arrive, and Anuj greets everyone. Babu ji proudly mentions that they prepared the food, but Baa criticises its quality. Anuj assures them he will help cook during the sangeet, and Anupama praises his cooking skills.

Anupama confronts Aadhya:

In the kitchen, Anuj assigns tasks to everyone. He asks Vanraj to make Aam Panna, but Vanraj resists. Babu ji insists they follow Anuj's lead as he is the head chef. They reminisce about past cooking experiences. Baa attempts to leave the kitchen duties to Kinjal, Kavya, and Dimple but ends up running to the kitchen herself, horrified by the mess.

Aadhya teaches Pari, Ishu, and Mahi to dance. Mahi compliments Aadhya's dancing, comparing her to Dadi. Aadhya checks on Pari, who admits she was scared but is fine now. Aadhya tries to assure herself, but Anupama confronts her about her actions, reminding her of the time she was locked in a room and scared. She warns Aadhya about the consequences of her actions, emphasizing the severity of locking Pari in the storeroom, and says that if she repeats it, Anupama might slap her. Aadhya retorts that she would call 911, but Anupama sternly reminds her they are in India and even her father cannot interfere. Anupama recounts the incident where she saved Aadhya, underscoring her love and the lengths she would go to protect her.

Precap for the next episode:

In the precap, Devika confronts Anupama about her feelings for Anuj. Anuj overhears and admits he can't stop loving her. Devika prays for a chance for their relationship.

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Best maa of a reason 🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹

11 days ago

Anupamaa if you're really so concerned (which you're not considering how casually you abandoned her), you could set up a session with a mental health professional. Anyway this girl's father is busy slaving for your masters to care for his daughter

12 days ago

Parenting 101 of the kid who thinks you caused her trauma and then the love of your life bulldozed you into her life to "help" her💯

12 days ago

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