Anuj's Delhi trip to get cancelled in Kairre!

Interesting twist coming ahead in Color’s TV show Kairre Rishta Khatta Meetha…

Color's TV popular show Kairee – Rishta Khatta Meetha has been going through many twist and turns with the planning and plotting of Imarti Devi (Hema Singh), as Anuj (Jay Bhanushali) will be shifting to Delhi and Prakash to stay back. The latest we hear that Imarti will fail to make Anuj learn cooking and it will be decided that Ambi (Preeti Chaudhary) will be going to Delhi with Anuj which is against the wish of Imarti.

Imarti will decide a plan and following the plan, she will put oil on staircase to make Ambi fall on it, but she will fail again as Anuj will fall on that and will get injured resulting in the cancellation of his plan to visit Delhi.

What will be Imarti's reaction? Will Anuj get to know about Imarti's mind behind this game plan? The viewers of Kairee will have to keep track of the story to unfold the answers to these questions.

Reporter: Ranjini Nair
Author: Anwesha Kamal



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obsession. 8 years ago @Nitu_TheTwisted: keep barking bitch.dunt think everyone is lyk u SUCKER.u continue with it.i think ur brain is twisted hence u r indulging urself in a useless argument..
rpuran 8 years ago what crap... yuck.. poor jay, he has to work in such stupid idiotic saas-bahu shows..
Madhura2105 8 years ago ambi taking care of anuj ... cutee... am waiting to see a full fleged romance between the duo ...
Shaina_b 8 years ago Honestly this show is crap!!!!!

The actors in it deserve better than this!!!!!

obsession. 8 years ago @Nitu_TheTwisted: lol u r too funny.manerless atleast have a some maners and respect for everyone.ops sry i think noone has taught you.
N abt d character.m jst too young to play that role.bt m sure u wont even get a role of junior artist or aunty.cz u r too ugly n old.gotchaya oldie.
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ThruMyEyez-Nita 8 years ago A different twist to a saas bahu saga. And love the comedy aspect that is infused in it as well.
Haifa_JayBFan 8 years ago woww...interesting track to come up..
wish it was imarti who falled lol but neva mind, will be interesting to watch anuj stay back and more of ambuj!!
ankur281 8 years ago Preeti and Anuj ki adha ishq poora kab hoga???
ishuj 8 years ago I m not a fan of this show... But my family watch it.. Sometime i watch with them ... I like way that lady say...ambhe
bsingapury 8 years ago So far this is the best show..I am loving it
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