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Ansh to expose Ruby in Star Plus' Nazar?

Ansh and Ruby are getting married and here's what he is up-to...


Star Plus' popular supernatural show, Nazar starring Harsh Rajput, Niyati Fatani and Monalisa in the lead roles is currently witnessing a high voltage drama. To save the entire family from Kohara's poison, Ansh stabs everyone with the weapon that Shalaka had given him and sends them to the past. In the recent episode it was shown that the Rathods have reached 2 years back in time at the time of Ansh and Ruby's wedding. 

It's the time when everyone in the Rathod family mistakenly thought that Ruby was a Daivik and her true identity was not known to all. Now that Ansh has learned her real identity, he threathens her to expose her infront of his mother.

Now we hear from our sources that Ansh will expose Ruby in front of his entire family and create a ruckess during the planned marriage. Our source said, "Ansh has learnt that Ruby is a Dayan and he will inform his family about the same."

On the other hand, Mohana who is trapped in the Bandap temple is trying her fullest to make Ruby marry Ansh, in fact she wants to keep Piya away from Ansh and doesn't want them to get married.

With such developments in the plot, it will be interesting to watch, what happens next!

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