Bigg Boss 17: Karan Johar backs Ankita, making Vicky reflect on her respect for him and his mother

In the upcoming Weekend Ka Vaar episode of Bigg Boss 17, Karan supports Ankita, highlighting her unwavering respect for Vicky's family and prompting Vicky to consider the extent of her respect for him.

Weekend Ka Vaar episode of Bigg Boss 17: Karan supports Ankita

Bigg Boss 17 has been grabbing headlines from the very beginning, and currently, one of the most talked-about aspects on social media is the dynamic between Ankita and her mother-in-law. The recent Family Week episode fueled the fire when family members surprised the contestants, including Vicky's mother making an entrance. However, the private conversation between Ankita and her mother-in-law in the therapy room stirred disappointment among the audience.

In the upcoming episode of 'Weekend Ka Vaar,' the sizzling drama peaks as Karan Johar, who will be the host for this week, backs Ankita Lokhande. In a conversation with Vicky, Karan will mention something Vicky's mother said about Ankita, but he will pause and refrain from revealing it just for Ankita's sake.

Karan will then support Ankita, asserting she never raised her voice against Vicky's mother. She has always respected his mother, and when Ankita respects them so much, Karan asks Vicky to think about how much she respects him.

In the latest episode, Vicky's mother raised concerns about Ankita's behaviour, mentioning an incident where Ankita allegedly kicked Vicky. Adding to the tension, Vicky's father had apparently called Ankita's mother to discuss the matter. To everyone's surprise, Ankita's father-in-law even questioned if Ankita's mother exhibited similar behaviour.

In response, Ankita, visibly uncomfortable, requested not to involve her deceased father in the discussion. She explained the loss of her father and urged them not to bring up her parents. 

As Ankita's mother was left speechless during this exchange, social media erupted with support for Ankita. 

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