Anita Hassanandani Gets 'Unready' ; Makes A Powerful Statement



Via their YouTube channel, beauty gurus across the world teach their audience the art of how-to achieve a made up look. Of late, the new trend that has been buzzing around on various video sharing platforms is the Get 'Unready' With Me. In short, it is a step-by-step tutorial involving how to melt away: the base, sparkly eye makeup, stubborn lipsticks and those unbelievably long, fake eyelashes.

This viral video trend is actually an initiative to show people what actually is behind those perfectly made-up faces. Now a days, making viral makeup videos is no longer a thing only reserved for the You Tubers, our television actors also are trying their hand on it on an intermittent basis as a means to reach out to their audience base. And, the latest to join the bandwagon is none other than Anita Hassanandani.

Check out the video right here...

 The video starts with Anita in her Naagin avatar. Slowly, Anita starts removing all her heavy jewelry pieces, starting with earrings and the mang-teeka, contact lenses, lashes and finally wiping off all the makeup from her face. Anita culminates the video by taking off her wig. 

It is indeed good to see that just like any of us, these celebrities too have flaws. What do you think of Anita's powerful video? Let us know in the comments below...  
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Anita Hassanandani Naagin 3 

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Anisha_anitan 2018-12-05T15:55:29Z These journalists gosh...

Anita Hassanandani
edella 2018-12-05T02:54:59Z Its Ironic that they post Anita's post which says- We are conditioned to believe that flaws are bad - while India-forum's content reads "It is indeed good to see that just like any of us, these celebrities too have flaws." Why to call them even flaws when it is just being natural?2018-12-05 03:09:03
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