Anita Hasnandani's elimination clears the air...

It was speculated by media that Anita being Ekta's girl will go on to win Dancing Queen. But her elimination this week has put an end to all such talks..

Lots of hullabaloo was created in the media circles about Ekta's girl, Anita Hasnandani being the strong favorite to win COLORS Dancing Queen. But now it has all come to an end with her eviction from the show. Now in the finals, Sanober Kabir and Sambhavna Seth will be competing with each other for the trophy.

"I'm sad that I lost, but in a way it was okay for as now it will answer all those people who were making false accusations against me," says Anita.

Anita was very much upset at her eviction. "I have reached so far on merit.  But I feel sad for my partner, for she was better than both Sambhavna and Sanober's partners.  We lost out on votes," she adds.

When asked of whom she votes for in the finale, the actress chirps, "I personally feel Sanober will win."

Recently it was also speculated that the shoot of the show is over and Sanober has won the trophy. However, our khabroo claims, "The final shoot of the show will take place on March 7th".

We called Sambhavna to know the fact. "I am quite proud to have reached the final without reaching the danger zone (judges) even once. Doing so many reality shows does not help in any way, as it's your talent that counts in the end.  However, I have one drawback in the sense that I have to lower my energy to suit my partner."

When asked about the unfair and dirty games played in reality shows, she replies "I don't want to comment on the games most girls plays.  I just do my work and go home"

The TRP's of the show has not been doing good and even Aswhini Yardi, Programming Head, COLORS admitted and stated that, "May be there has been an over dose of dance reality shows at the same point of time."

Well let's see who wins this reality, with or without drama. March 7 will give us all answers…

Reporter: Anil Merani
Author: Rachana Trivedi

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Sambhavna Seth

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Anita Hassanandani

Comments (21)

I am not happy that Anita lost. The whole concept of the show is the best protegee to win....not the best mentor. No one can tell me that either Sam''s or Sanober''s partner is better than Anita''s partner (Sonali). The only one who came close to Sonali was Ishita''s partner (Anjali). This show is not about the mentors is about the best protegee winning. What a joke...this show has become!!

15 years ago

Hmmmm thts sad but hope tht Sanober wins....

15 years ago

I really think she was d one who should have won!she deserves it more than anyone else..very sad :(((((

15 years ago

ohhh she got eliminated? i think sambhavna will win

15 years ago

she deserved to loooooooooooose coz i hate her !!!!!!!!!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha

15 years ago

Anita should have won!!!!!

Poor Her!!False accusations and all!!!!!

15 years ago

r anita..she was gud...n da fasle accusations..poor thing! :(

15 years ago

isn''t Sanober''s Last name Kabir and not Kaur

15 years ago

Ishita should have won but anyways would be nice to see Sambhavna win. She has been consistently good.

15 years ago

Anita & Sonali are truely in our hearts no matter wats been sed I HOPE DA SO CALLED SOURCE DON WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

15 years ago

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