Angad Bedi's father & former Indian cricket captain Bishan Singh Bedi passes away at 77

Bollywood mourns the sudden and heartbreaking loss of former Indian cricket team captain and celebrated spinner, Bishan Singh Bedi.

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Angad Bedi and Bishan Bedi

The world of cricket and Bollywood mourns the sudden and heartbreaking loss of former Indian cricket team captain and celebrated spinner, Bishan Singh Bedi. The cricket legend, who also happens to be the father of actor Angad Bedi, left this world at the age of 77. The cause of his death remains unknown, and the news of his passing has left the nation in mourning.

Born on September 25, 1946, in Amritsar, Punjab, Bishan Singh Bedi embarked on his cricketing journey in 1966. He donned the Indian cricket jersey with pride and distinction until 1979. In a career that spanned over a decade, Bedi participated in 67 Test matches and astoundingly claimed 266 wickets. Additionally, he showcased his skills in ten One-Day Internationals (ODIs), taking seven crucial wickets. Notably, he played a pivotal role in India's inaugural ODI victory.

Bedi's legacy in the cricketing world extends to the 1971 series against England, where he not only displayed his remarkable prowess but also led the Indian team as captain, filling in for the injured Ajit Wadekar. A notable chapter in his career was his impressive debut match, where he secured 21 wickets, setting the tone for a phenomenal journey. Subsequently, he continued to weave his magic with the ball, taking 25 wickets against England, 18 against the formidable West Indies, 22 more against England, and a staggering 25 and 31 wickets against England and Australia, respectively. Bedi's subtle variations and crafty bowling techniques often left batsmen perplexed and outwitted.

In addition to his contributions on the international stage, Bishan Singh Bedi recently made hsi debut in the world of Bollywood with son Angad Bedi in the film 'Ghoomer'. He had a cameo role in the R. Balki directorial which was a tale about a young girl playing cricket with one of her arm being amputated. The film featured Abhishek Bachchan, Saiyami Kher, Angad Bedi and Shabana Azmi in pivotal roles. 

Bishan Singh Bedi's passing has left a void in the hearts of cricket enthusiasts and Bollywood, where his son, Angad Bedi, has made a name for himself. His legacy as one of India's greatest spinners will continue to inspire generations of cricketers and serve as a testament to the enduring impact of his contributions to the sport.

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Change the damn title

4 months ago

May the former Captain B S Bedi's soul rest in peace.

4 months ago

Mr. Bedi has his own identity and name, why is he referred as angad bedi's father when Angad has not achieved anything great in life. So IF change the title.

4 months ago

Yes he is known for himself who is Angad Bedi

4 months ago

Why is he referred to as Angad Bedis father.???? Don’t you guys know he is a legend himself much much bigger than what angad could ever achieve..! Please change your title. FORMER INDIAN CRICKET CAPTAIN, ANGAD BEDI’s Father..!

4 months ago

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