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Aneri Vajani FINALLY opens up on her controversial image on Instagram!

She had a point to put across..


Fans and followers of actress Aneri Vajani aka Saanjh from Beyhadh woke up to a 'Yoga Day' Instagram post of the actress this morning. However, as it was an image of the actress sporting lingerie, it did not take long for the image to become a talking point among one and all.

Several reactions followed where some speculated that her account was hacked, others body shamed Aneri for her slim frame.

Deciding to give her take, the actress has finally opened up on the 'controversial' picture. Here's what Aneri has to say.

What is your take on the whole saga?


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..WitchGrave.. 3 years ago Picha :/ what the hell
I don't care about whole socialtical fisaco !!!! Its her intragam her pic !
But Mann she really needs some pounds in her
Skin and bones much ! She Borderline's unhealthy !!!
Reina1 3 years ago To tanvislam ... I suppose you're the leading expert on what is thin and fat. Women's bodys most definitely need to be confined more into two objective categories...thin and fat. Please so point me in the direction of the index that helps me objectively determine what is thin and what is fat so I can attain your level of prejudice.
AgirlHasNoName7 3 years ago Shoot these pple and their being fashion police!!! I don't know abt u guys bt I have seen many girls to wear bigger cup size bra .. even I wore them .. she isn't wearing ur bra nor she is posting it in ur IG ..
Her body
Her bra
Her boobs
Her pic
her IG
And isn't soo hard for pple to understand that she is saying "picha" in sarcastic way ..
Rhimjhimsawan 3 years ago Her bra size is seriously off!!! I cringed every time I had to see the word "picha" Why?
teju19 3 years ago She felt confident to post this pic hence she posted it..
thin or fat you should be proud of your body. Being thin has not interfered enough in her career that's why she has made a place in the industry and is well known for her good acting skills.
But being celeb she should be careful what she posts on social sites were people will definitely judge you on your

But body shaming comments. specially by girls on this pic (commenting on her breast size) is cringe worthy2017-06-20 19:43:58
zaraak 3 years ago The most offensive thing here is the use of "picha"
xsumi 3 years ago Her body, her choice. But i think she is wearing the wrong bra size.

And damn she really needs to work on her spelling and grammar ... just saying.
Luna99 3 years ago @Reina, Aneri is looking too unhealthy.
But we shouldn't slam her for wearing lingerie and all that.
She should be healthy at first
tanvismile 3 years ago Reina1 What's else u expect others to say! Thin is thin and fat is fat. For a fat person u will say fat and for thin u will say thin. When men who wear gym shorts are also bashed if they don't have good body.
pomegranate 3 years ago I still stand by what I said. if she wants to pose in her undergarments then so be it, but at least make sure they fit. I don't like body shaming hence won't make fun of her body but she looks ridiculous in her way too big bra. also, stop typing like a two year old.2017-06-20 13:22:15
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