Anandi back to her sasuraal..

Anandi aka Avika Gor is back to her sasuraal, in COLORS' Balika Vadhu..

Anandi aka Avika Gor is finally back into her sasuraal in COLORS' Balika Vadhu, and the person who has made the impossible possible is Bhairav (Anoop Soni), Anandi's father-in-law.

According to our source, "Anandi's father-in-law will finally convince Dadisa to get Anandi back home. But the manner in which the entire drama unfolds will be interesting to watch. On the auspicious day of Diwali, Anandi gets back.

Though all are happy with Anandi getting back, more sparks are sure to surface as the track goes on. "There is a temporary phase of joy in the family as soon after this, Anandi will be pushed deeper into problems", our source adds.

We called Anoop Soni to know more on the track, but he seemed clueless. "I only know that Anandi's father-in-law has just gotten back, and has got to know that she is not staying in the house. I do not know how the track is going to proceed".

Well, for the time being, it is Diwali time for Anandi at her sasuraal…

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Comments (14)

hmm thats good!

but wonder how Bhairav found her?

14 years ago

yipeeeeeeeee finally will get to see JaAn together only if jagya is not sent to hostel. love bhairon. he is the most sensible character of the entire show.

14 years ago

ohh WOW
finally chuhiya would be back home so happy

14 years ago

cool if shes comin back ....... sum ppl seem 2 miss her a bit 2oo mch out der .......

14 years ago

good thing we'll get 2 c more of anandi now .....

14 years ago

i i think its stupid that little girl is just a kid and they are making her act like a bloody woman i mean shes justst a kid and to young to even think about marriage and they actually made her get married in the drama they probably should have given her a more younger role ..
its my opinion dont want to offend anyone

14 years ago

ohhhhhhh no
i jst h8 dis ugly girl:-x

14 years ago

i hope she will be back
missing her in her "sasra" yaar

14 years ago

gr8 I hope she has some happy scenes now

14 years ago

he was gr8 in the movie n the role suited him really well

15 years ago

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