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Anand Suryavanshi ki Pasand...

This week's Pasand Apni apni features none other than - Anand Suryavanshi. Read on to find out what's in Anand's mind...


To grace our Hotseat of Pasand Apni Apni, this week, A star has descended ,we have the very Dashing and Debonair Anand Suryawanshi with us to share his cool choices. He spells "Magic" onscreen ,so be ready for some HOT Favorites from a Hottie himself ,and to burn the throne of PAA. Well folks, fasten your seat belts, as we go on a PAA ride with Anand...

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Favorite Website:

Favorite Restaurant: Main Land China, Poptates in Andheri, etc

Favorite Newspaper: The Times of India

Favorite Co-Star : None, well, I dont have any favorites... I cant really choose one.

Favorite Music Band: Aero Smith, Bon Jovy, and many more

Favorite Sweet Dish: I just adore rabdi and rasmalai in desi sweets, other than that, m such crazy about chocolate.

Favorite Past Time: Watching movies.. I like listening to music too, but particulary, I love watching movies.

Favorite Shopping Alley: I shop all over town, no favorties as such. I pick whatever I like

Favorite Chocolate: Lindtt's dark chocolate

Favorite Car: Jaugwar

Favorite Sport: Cricket

Hope you all have taken a note of his choices, We know that the way to Men's heart is through his stomach and here Andy himself has left such a big clue. Go for chocolates buying spree girls, actually a whole candy store would be better. Untill the next time, stay glued to Telly Buzz, to get some hidden facts about your favorites stars of tinselworld!

Reporter: Hiral Anju Bhatt
Author: Nishtha; Hiral Anju Bhatt


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l0vey 12 years ago love lindt chocolatee! lol but not dark chocolate. [he's trying to eat healthy] .. aww he is soo cute!
Nishtha 12 years ago hey me here again..Cant help it..Thanks andy for his choices and kaju jee to you as well :P
.:Megha:. 12 years ago Good to learn more about him. Great article. Wow, this is his favorite website...
Nishtha 12 years ago hello i am again here..well my and andy's choices are polls apart..cry cry cry :'(...but wait a sec..opposites attarcts..lol..
Beware..everyone else. kiddin :D

SuperGrl126301 12 years ago Favorite Chocolate: Lindtt's dark chocolate

HAHA!! Thats my fave too!!
Gracella 12 years ago wow! what an awesome article!! yay i love dark chocolates too
and his fav website is IF?? wowow


ritzy2ritz 12 years ago OMG! i love love loved poptates in andheri! great job! thanks !
~*puja*~ 12 years ago Lindtt's dark chocolates are my favorite too... good to know!
Anjilicious 12 years ago great article.
aww...Andy & I have some similarities.
Yuvika_15 12 years ago aww nice article...:P...a lot of common stuff between me and andy... biggest wil b chocolate..hehe
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