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An itchy death scene in Mata Ki Chowki..

The male lead, Vansh had an horrifying experience while shooting for his death scene in the show... Read further to know more...

Published: Monday,Jan 19, 2009 10:30 AM GMT-07:00
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Have you ever seen a dead man coming to life on his funeral pyre!! We are talking about the show Mata Ki Chowki where a similar incident took place with Vansh aka Rahul Raj Singh.

An itchy death scene in Mata Ki Chowki..
The current track in focus is on the death of Vansh, and how Vaishnavi fights with Yamraj to bring back her husband’s life. “While shooting for the funeral, Rahul was supposed to lie down on the wooden pyre. Though he felt little uncomfortable and requested the creative to place a dummy, te team could not do so as they needed his close ups,” says the source.

We called up Rahul to know more about the scene. “Yes I was bit uncomfortable while filming that scene. It was a very realistic scene of death and looking at the environment, I got little apprehensive, but they needed my close up and I did not have any other option but to do the scene,” he states.

Rahul was covered with a white sheet and people offering flowers to his body. “I was not comfortable for another factor as something was pricking on my leg, and I found it difficult to lie on those wooden planks. As it was a death scene I could not even move. After several retakes, I gave my best shot,” he adds further.

Our khabroo informs that, “After the shoot got over a unit member found out that there were red ants on the plank due to which Rahul felt the discomfort.”

Though Rahul had to give several retakes, at the end everything was perfect.

In this case all we can say is that ‘No Pain No Gain’…   

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair
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akhl @akhl 14 years ago I have not watched any episode of this serial. But thanks to Rahul to bear the pain and give his best shot.
But, I am angry with the unit members. They should have made sure that the wooden plank was clean and did not have ants in it.
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ana2008 @ana2008 14 years ago poor guy,what they have to do for money
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isha @isha_love_SRK 14 years ago and specily boys..gril always a live and fight but they kill mean charc and bering anther one how stupid....they should not rep same story...they don''t have any new story
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radhika_21 @radhika_21 14 years ago that would have been soo uncomfortable!
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Harini @halley 14 years ago ohhh!!!!!!
dat wld hav been difficult
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