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Amul Voice Of India- the final 3 to be selected for 'bemisal 12'

Endearing the hearts of millions, the last group of 9 extremely talented aspiring singers are all set to entice the judges on their journey to Bemisaal 12!!

Published: Friday,Jul 13, 2007 00:00 AM GMT-06:00
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Amul Voice Of India- the final 3 to be selected for bemisal 12
The last layer of the competition for the selection of 'Bemisal 12' unfolds this week on Star Plus Amul Star Voice of India.

Like the preceding two rounds, this final round too promises to be extremely tough. Group 'D' contestants include all very young talented singing sensations who are endowed with exceptionally melodious voice. Sushim (Mumbai), Supriya (Indore), Toshi (Jaipur), Saptaparna (Lucknow), Arindam (Jaipur), Harshit (Lucknow), Prantika (Mumbai), Ira (Indore)and Rahul (Mumbai) of Group 'D' take on the challenge to impress the judges to garner the required points which will put them on the map of Bemisal 12.

'Gustakh dil tere liye' is the opening number with which Sushim will kick start this weekend's episode of Amul Star Voice of India. However, it won't be the start he or anyone in the audience would be desiring. The next contestant, Supriya Pathak, will add on the much needed spice to flavour up the evening with her catchy number 'sainyaa pakkad bhainyaan'.

Toshi generated a tremendous response from everyone in the Jaipur auditions with his flawless renditions of ' Piya re'. With expectations sky rocketing, will this singer be able to hold up? It seems so, as he sets the stage alight with another winning performance with the semi classical number 'lagi tumse man ki lagan' from the movie paap. Interestingly, amidst the specualtions of Toshi being none other than Sharib, the channel takes pains to call the younger brother Sharib himself to prove that Toshi , indeed, is Toshi and no one else. But would Toshi be able to create the magic which Sharib once created but could not live up to?

Saptaparna Chakraborty ,the pretty bong lady from Lucknow, will enhance the musical evening with the very popular song 'Salam' from the movie 'Umrao Jaan'.

While one Mumbai contestant not impressing the judges much, the other Mumbai contestant, Arindam, now faces the tough job to match the heights acheived by his fellow contestants. And he does it brilliantly with a perfect rendition of 'Bheegi Bheegi'.

Another very strong contestant from Lucknow, Harshit Saxena's cinematic voice will enhance the rhythm and flavor of the song 'Rut aa gayi re'. Indore lass Ira Sharma will enthralls with the song 'baras jaa e badal baras jaa' while Rahul will draw an end to another musical and refreshing episode of this very popular talent hunt show with the speculationssong 'sang bebasi'.

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Amul Voice Of India- the final 3 to be selected for bemisal 12

This is not the end to this another exciting weekend episode of the machieveduch talked about talent hunt show. Results are the most awaited part off course. It's evident that as the show is progressing, the job of the judges is getting tougher and tougher.This week the judges will reveal the names of those talented sanctified contestants who will get the key to enter the 'Bemisaal 12', the grand finale of Amul Star Voice of India. The Paanch Parameshwar will pass through many invigorating phases to reach their final decisions.

So stay tuned and don't miss to catch up with another round of disappointments, success, happiness & sorrows in Amul Star Voice of India, 13thJuly & 14thJuly, 10.00 p.m., only on STAR PLUS!

Author: Minnie Gupta
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Vijaya @vallanki 16 years ago hope it goes well...he is a very good music director...I like his songs
thanks for the article
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Shabana Siamwalla @shabzz123 16 years ago Thanks for the article...it will be a interesting episode to watch
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*Jaya* @*Jaya* 16 years ago Why are there only 6 sitting there, out of the 9?? Worried for Saptaparna :(
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Sanz @smartc 16 years ago Can't wait for Toshi's performance. Thanxx for the article :D
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Priya @priyav 16 years ago Thanks for the article.Very tough competition this week
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JennyPenny @JennyPenny 16 years ago Thanks for the article.. This show is too good... I really can't wait to see who really becomes Voice of India...
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