Amrita Rao to Dazzle with Chhote Ustaads on Voice of India

Amrita Rao gets swept away with the talented little wonders on 'Amul STAR Voice of India'-Fri,Dec 28th @ 10 p.m.


Another weekend is just knocking at the door with completely new twists & turns in STAR Plus’s biggest talent hunt show for kids, Amul STAR Voice of India – CHHOTE USTAAD. This week the extremely talented contestants will sweep away the heart of the bubbly Bollywood damsel Amrita Rao and the new sensation on the block Nikhil Dwivedi.

Dressed up as cowboys and cowgirls all the contestants will kick start the evening along with Abhaas by performing on the peppy number ‘Show Me Your Jalwa’. Shailey will come on stage and perform on the song ‘Mahiya’ on Amrita’s request as she also makes Amrita jig along. Another strong contestant Aishwariya will sing ‘Mohobbat Aisi Dharkan Hai’ which will make Amrita recollect the singing style of the legendary Lata Mangeshkar. One of the most talented contestant, Anwesha will sing ‘Daiyya yeh main kahan aa phasi’. The youngest contestant Areeb will win accolades as he sings a tough number ‘Layi Vi Na Gayi’ .

This episode will showcase a special audio-visual featuring the struggle of Vyom and his family while Abhaas will announce that many people are ready to contribute in order to help the very talented contestant, Jayant Singh’s family to overcome his medical complications.

This week will again see another contestant leaving this prestigious platform. But still the show will carry on with many stupendous performances and new surprises.

So stay tuned to watch Amul STAR Voice of India, Fri& Sat, Dec 28th & 29th, 10 p.m. only on STAR PLUS!!


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Tani91 12 years ago YAY AMRITA!!!! Ok I dont watch SVOI but I'm definately NOT missing this episode!!

ewwwwww that guy is sooo ugly...no offense
mcm226 12 years ago wow....Aishwarya is singing,'muhhabbat aisi dhadkan' n Anwseha'daiyya yeh mai'..waah waah maza aayega Lataji n Ashaji ke songs in bachho ki awaaz me sunkar
togepe30 12 years ago Cowgirl???Okkkkkkkkk..........thats the first time i've heard the word.....hahahahahahahahhaa!!
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