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Amrita Rao hopping mad at rumors linking her with Shahid!

Stardom is definitely a boon, but it extracts a price too. And following the success of her 'Vivah' Amrita Rao is learning this the hard way.

Published: Friday,Jan 04, 2008 15:25 PM GMT-07:00
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Stardom is definitely a boon, but it extracts a price too. And following the success of her 'Vivah' Amrita Rao is learning this the hard way. The current controversies about Amrita leaving the 'girl next door' image , has put her in a state of disbelief and shock. And things are getting worse as Amrita is just hopping mad now!

Recently, a Mumbai tabloid reported that she was spotted with Shahid Kapur and his family watching a film at a suburban multiplex. Shahid of course has already denied the story, and the actor feels that he is being dragged into too many meaningless controversies off late. Amrita too is livid by the allegations.
Hurt by such 'baseless' reporting, the actress says, "It is shocking how people can make up such stories. I was nowhere around. I was celebrating the New Year's at home with my cousins. After that I took an early morning flight to Delhi for the promotions of 'My Na

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me Is Anthony Gonsalves'. During the past few weeks I have been on a roller coaster promoting the film in Ahmedbad, Delhi and all over."

Defending her cause, Amrita goes on to add, "I haven't even met Shahid for months and the last time I met Shahid was almost two months back when I shot for a promotional campaign for 'Vivah' when it was being shown on television for the first time. After that I left for Jaisalmer for a month-long outdoor with Harman Baweja for 'Victory'. As soon as I came back, I've been touring cities for the promotion of 'My Name Is Anthony Gonsalves'. Where is the time for me to go and watch a film in the theatre in all this mad rush? That too, with Shahid and his family! It is preposterous. I wish the person who wrote the story got his facts right. I really want to know where exactly I was spotted." The actress is surely indignant at this malicious rumor.
She is also upset that her name is being linked with her 'Vivah' co-star Shahid. "Shahid and Kareena's spilt came as a shock to me. I was shooting in Hyderabad for my Telugu film when I heard about their split. After that it was reported that Kareena got upset because I was spotted coming out of Shahid's van. This is utter nonsense and plain rumor mongering. I'd like to remind everyone that it is Kareena herself who has openly praised my performance in 'Vivah' in the media. She has always been more than nice to me, so where is this rumor starting from? It is baseless," retorts Amrita.
The actress is so angry over the reports that she just cannot stop rebutting. "First, I had to counter that. Now I'm being spotted in some theatre watching a film with Shahid, when I was never actually present! It is blatant misreporting. Shahid is an extremely dignified person and a gentleman to the core. He has always been a wonderful co-star to work with and such baseless stories only make a working relationship uncomfortable. Fortunately for me, Shahid has the grace to laugh these rumors off. But I have to take a stand because it is utterly ridiculous."

So, this is Amrita setting the record straight once and for all. -(SAMPURN)

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