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Amitabh Bachchan as a Farmer!

It might not be known to many but back in 2007, Amitabh Bachchan's status was questioned...

It might not be known to many but back in 2007, Amitabh Bachchan's status was questioned by many - among his equals and among fans alike.

Before you jump to conclusions, it had nothing to do with his caliber as an actor; Big B in fact was questioned about his status as a farmer. In Barabanki (U.P), Big B owns about 70,000 sq feet of land, despite being neither a resident or farmer from the town, hence significant hostility was metted out to the fairness of his ownership, by the lesser privileged.

At the time, the court of Faizabad overruled the case. Since then, Big B has definitely proved himself to be a farmer at heart by taking time off to go and visit the land that he holds in U.P. He has legally registered himself as a seed-grower by getting due permission from the UP Seed Development Corporation (UPSDC). These are the people who actually coordinate and enhance the farm output in the state of U.P which has now allowed Big B to work hard on his fields.
The big reason for his visit back to Lucknow was solely for a wedding though. He tweets: "In Lucknow for a wedding. Visited my farm .. and .. plowed my land .. drove my tractor, which digs and levels before sowing .." ((c) Twitter)
Big B didn't plan this alone though; his wife, Jaya Bachchan joined him, and together they toured the six hectare land they own in Muzaffarnagar down in the village of Lucknow district. Mr Bachchan himself owns 2.5 hectares while Jaya owning 2.4 and Abhishek gets his own share of 1.2 hectares.

Big B didn't leave any stone unturned in attending to his fields. The moment he got a chance, he jumped onto a tractor, leveling the field, which was followed up with sowing. On the experience, Big B further tweets: "Feeling my earth, the soil that gives us the crop .. working the machines that sow seed and fertiliser automatically .. joy boundless." ((c) Twitter)
Playing spoilsport however, a disappointment followed shortly after. Unlike many city dwellers, Big B mentally notes the downfall in the rain pattern affecting the crop produce of his land and the consequences that impact agriculture. Making a mention of which, he tweeted: "Unseasonal rain has caused problems for the tilling and sowing the wheat crop .. if it rains any more, entire crop shall be destroyed." ((c) Twitter)

AB has definitely won himself the credit of many more hearts, among the struggling locals who watched the big celebrity in action on his fields - a humbling experience for Bachchan and the onlookers alike.


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