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Amit Verma replaces Dev Keswani in Annu Ki Hogayee Wah Bhai Wah..

Star One's Annu Ki Hogayee Wah Bhai Wah sees a change as the male protagonist, Dev Keswani is replaced by Amit Verma..

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It’s been only few months since Star One’s Annu Ki Hogayee Wah Bhai Wah has been on air, and here we see a major twist in the tale, as the male protagonist, Dev Keswani, who portrayed the character of Ashu, has been sacked by DJ’s Creative unit.

The actor to get lucky with this role is Amit Verma of Kittu Sab Jaanti Hai fame. This sudden replacement has left the Annu team in utter shock and despair. Telly Buzz spoke to the team of Annu Ki Hogayee Wah Bhai Wah on the replacement.

Persis, the Creative Head of DJ's stated, "We needed a more mature actor to perform this character. Dev was very petite for the role, which did not go well with the character. Also, we wanted a better face too."

While the creative confirmed this news, the female protagonist of the show, Sreejita Dey (Annu) was in despair when she heard the news. "Dev was a great co-star and we're all going to really miss him. This was a decision taken by the channel; the production house tried every which way to save him”, says the lively Sreejita.  She further adds, "Dev has truly done a great job, and I am sure he's going to go places, and I want to wish him the very best."

Mukul Chhablani, who plays the role of Ashu's younger brother states, "Dev was like a brother to me, and I am going to miss him a lot. I respect the decision taken by the seniors. But the brotherhood that Dev and I shared is never going to change."

Next, we contacted Amit Verma who is all set to get into the shows of the character. The actor is already in awe of the character, Ashu and is very happy about the make-over that he has received to fit into the bill. “Yes, it’s true that I’ll be joining the Annu team as Ashu”, confirms Amit. He further added, “DJ’s is known to always present something new and innovative to the audience. They tried a couple of hair styles on me, and they’ve given me a never-before-seen look for this character.”

On replacing Dev, Amit quoted, “I really do not know what happened, and it’s unfair for me to butt in and talk of the decision taken by the channel and the production house.” The actor ends by stating, “I am going to continue with Baa Bahu aur Baby as well. And regarding Annu, I am sure the audience is going to love the new look for mine, and am truly looking forward to it…”

Reporter: Hiral Anju Bhatt, Ranjini Nair, Srividya Rajesh
Author: Hiral Anju Bhatt


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Ruby001 12 years ago This content is hidden.
sweetncute 12 years ago hahaha...thats the reason now rakhi wants to act as a bahu in one of Ekta's serials..LOL

but seriously she's just dragging the whole issue..n contradicting her every statement..

Rakhi please stop all this nonsense n accept ur runners up trophy sportingly.
ithotuknew 12 years ago i support rakhi she tru;y deserved to win n not that ayesha.....but sanjeeda is a trained dancer.....

if rakhi was in the ekta camp nothing like tat wud hav happ.....
tough luck....all d best rakhi abhishek.....
yuvi_ashi 12 years ago u kno wut rakhi? get a life. Your just a sore loser. Just admit it. Everyone thinks they r the best but one day sumone better comes along and they dont think they r the best nemore. We dont wanna c u in the news saying how the was this and that. Just take ur runner up trophy and go!
RUSmart 12 years ago Just Imagine what she would have done if she was the winner. I dont know why at all they have to take such participants. There are better dancers who would be very much happy to participate in such programmes. The programme organizers must have made some money by having Rakhi in their competition but just because of Rakhi many a spectator would switch off to another channel whenever she appeared on the television.

She should learn to participate.........not only win. Being in the second position is not bad at all!!!!!!!!!
candy_floss88 12 years ago Seriously. This is just a publicity stunt... AGREE they r not reality shows n e more!!!
Fazila~ 12 years ago shes too much.......she should be stopped
talkativetaurus 12 years ago i m already fed with all this .. rakhi ji grow up!!

i hope all this dont ruin the image of AS
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