Ameeta Nangia approached for Kahaani Chandrakanta Ki...

The renowned 'Tara' star has been asked to play a pivotal role in an upcoming show...

Ameeta Nangia who made a mark for herself by portraying diverse characters in shows like Tara, Ek Chabhi Hai Pados Main, Saath Phere and Zee TV's latest patriotic drama Jhansi Ki Rani will play an important role in Sahara One's Kahani Chandrakanta Ki.

Though the makers are still chalking out her character, Ameeta Nangia confirms the news.

"Yes I have been approached, but things are yet to be sorted as I have some date issues. I don't have any clue about the character either," affirms Ameeta.

On contacting Producer Sunil Agnihotri, he stated, "Yes we have approached Ameeta. It's an important character but I cant divulge any information now."

We hope that this show brings out the best in Ameeta and she excels in her character...

Reporter: Ranjini Nair
Author: Megha Bissa

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Comments (4)

There's a talk going around about Ek Chabhi Hai Pados Main season 2 being made, I wonder if Ameeta Nangia is going to be in it??
Anyone know more about this??

12 years ago

Excuse me, Ameeta Nangia was never a part of Saath Phere...Arrggghhh...these article writers...cannot even get their facts right. What is surprising is that it is a part of a writers job to verify facts.

12 years ago

Shreyas was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. He attended Shree Ram Welfare Society's High School. He is married to Deepti Talpade. Shreyas met his wife Deepti when he went to her college as a celebrity (he was doing the serial Aabhal Maya then). She was the general secretary.

Deepti is a clinical psychologist, who is a counselor for a school and a corporate concern. She also freelances.

14 years ago

i like his comedy but i think ritesh is a little bit better.

14 years ago

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