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Amber Dhara Identity Revealed

Wanna know the real names of Amber and Dhara?Wanna get to know more about them? Then read this heart-to-heart lively conversation with the two bubbly girls..

Published: Friday,Oct 12, 2007 11:16 AM GMT-06:00
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We have seen them play together, walk together, sing and dance together. While one is ambitious and bold, the other is soft spoken and very realistic. We are talking about the first-ever conjoined twins of Indian Television, Amber and Dhara.

Sony’s new serial Amber Dhara is a beautiful and heartwarming story about conjoined twins, whose boundless zest for life and a never say die spirit makes them adoringly lovable.

Telly Buzz brings to you a rocking conversation with the two cute and lovely finds of Television, Amber and Dhara.

How is the feeling like, to play the first ever conjoined twins in the history of TV?

Amber: It is really great; I never ever imagined that I will play a joint twin in my life.

Dhara: It is lovely; we were thrilled when we were told this news that we will be playing the roles of Amber and Dhara. It feels nice that no one has played such a role, leave alone TV, but also in films.

The whole world is waiting for your real names to be revealed? Can you tell us something about it?

Amber: I am Kashmira Irani, from Pune.

Dhara: I am Shaguna Panigrahi, my family is based in Delhi.

How did you get selected for this role?

Amber: We had to give an audition, and we were trained for many months for this role. We got the confirmation that we are playing this role only at the last minute, and that just added to the excitement.

What are the difficulties you had to overcome to get into the skin of the characters?

Amber: We have been living the life of conjoined twins for many months now. Whenever we walked, we found it difficult to begin with. It is difficult to keep standing for long hours, and we used to wait for an opportunity to go and sit.

Dhara: We walk together, talk together; we do whatever is possible together. We were asked to read books; we had many areas to work on. To begin with, we found it difficult to walk together. We used to look for a chair to sit always. We needed to keep everything in mind, at first, while standing or walking. At first, we used to shift our weight on the other while standing. This would make us lose balance and we used to fall. So we had to overcome all this.

Amber: It was really tough because we needed to carry out different things at the same time.

Dhara: It was very tough for me, because I had to practice being a left hander.(laughs)

So both of you are right handers?

Amber: Yes!

Amber: Also at times, we used to be given a single chair and we used to blink at each other seeing it. (Both laugh)

Dhara: (Laughs), Yes, and I always used to tell Amber that we will literally stamp on each other if we put on little bit of weight. (Laughs again).

So added to all your rehearsals, you had to be calorie-conscious too, so that you could balance out your weight?

Dhara: Yes, Amber is a very choosy girl; she is very calorie-conscious.

From how many months have you been rehearsing?

Amber: We have been like this for 8 months now.

Dhara: The team here is so nice and hard working that it feels great to be part of this.

Is it true that, before the serial was launched, you were kept away from public eyes, so much so that you used to shoot after sunset and get home before sunrise?

Amber: Not really, we have been having nice trips; we in fact sign autographs now.

Not now, I am talking about the 8 months period and soon after you started shooting, i.e. before your faces were revealed to all?

Amber: Yes, we were kept in isolation for these 8 months. We have lived life together, and still are..

Did you not feel lonely during this period, considering that you are young girls? Were you not tempted to mingle with people during this period?

Amber: No, having taken this project, it would have been wrong on our part to go and meet people much against the channel’s desire, isn’t it?

That’s true, but did you both help out each other during this period?

Dhara: Yes, I always used to tell Amber, that we are at least lucky that, you have me and I have you.

Amber: When we met each other and came here, we did not know each other. We were complete strangers. So it is really good that we are now together..

Do you miss your family a lot?

Amber: Yes, we used to miss them a lot. But we have to give this role our best. So all is ok now.

Tell us about Amber and Dhara..

Amber: Amber is an extrovert, friendly and ambitious, while Dhara is protective about Amber and loves her family a lot.

Now, while Amber talks about her dreams and aspirations, Dhara always supports Amber. So does Dhara not have her own set of dreams? When will this come to the forefront?

Dhara: Dhara is a very much grounded girl. She is very protective of her sister; she can do anything for her family. She has her own dreams, for sure.. You will know more as the serial moves.

Amber: Ya, while Amber is quick in reacting, Dhara is much of a thinker and a planner. And Dhara is very intelligent.

So what about Amber? Does it mean that Dhara is the more intelligent one?

(Both Amber and Dhara laugh out loud.)

How does it feel to get the first taste of stardom?

(Both girls start laughing)

Dhara: It feels really great!. Till yesterday, nobody knew us and today we are hounded by people seeking autographs..

Atlast, the suspense has ended and we got to know a lot about the two girls playing the roles of Amber and Dhara. With this, we come to the end of a sensational, fun-filled chit-chat with the two cute, innocent and bubbly girls, Kashmira and Shaguna, who have gained popularity and stardom as Amber and Dhara respectively.

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh
Author: Srividya Rajesh

Kashmira Irani

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tsfme 15 years ago Awesome Article

The serial has surpassed my expectations as
I have been glued to the screen since it began.

Very sweet girls & their chemistry clearly shows
on screen.

Wish them all the best for their careers

lol tara:)
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Tani91 15 years ago wow..great interview...they both have such beautiful names..congrats to the both of them..they truly do fit the role of Amber Dhara
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kaurlov000 15 years ago both of u r sssoooo great i really like the show
Reply thumbs-up thumbs-down
ammmu 15 years ago What a sweet article, I am really liking this show so far... they're so cute, all the best to them and thank God we finally found out their names, thanks Sree di!
Reply thumbs-up thumbs-down
sq174121 15 years ago thanks a lot!!!Its nice to see how well the two girls have co-operated with each other even though they were complete strangers..:)
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madiha_17 15 years ago Oh wow lovely interview by both of dem!

I love this serial.. and i have really high xpectations from it.. i love sony creative teams to bring out such an important issue in this serial!

great going...

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andriya 15 years ago It's sweet,love amer dhara!!!
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ammmu 15 years ago Yayyy, so glad that their names are revealed now!! They're so sweet, this is a really nice show and hope it continues this way... thanks Sree di!
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Miss.Colorfull 15 years ago nice interview both of them are sweet
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i5hy 15 years ago thanx a lot:D i love this show..such a refreshin serial..
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