Amber Dhara : A Medical Impossiblity?

The new show on Sony, Amber Dhara is a tale of two conjoined twins, twins who share the same liver. But the twist in the tale is that, they are not identical. Now is this a medical possiblity? Get on to discuss here..

Published: Thursday,Sep 27, 2007 12:40 PM GMT-06:00
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SET Television's latest venture, Amber Dhara seems to have the medical profession in a tizzy. For the liver sharing conjoined twins in this daily are shown to be fraternal( different actresses) According to Dr. Piyush S. Goyal, MD, Honorary Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist,
Wadia Hospital for Women, Parel, this is not possible, for conjoined twins are always monozygotic (identical twins) that is a single fertilized egg splitting to develop into two fetuses. Conjoined twins can only be formed, when such above identical twins fail to completely separate into two individuals.The channel is right in saying that such births are very rare, one in 200,000 births.

However the channel is sticking to its gun, Sanjay Upadhaya, creative director, Sony Entertainment television says that "Our extensive research proves that this is not necessary. and conjoined twins can be non identical as well." Whom to believe now ?

Author: Anil Merani

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bugs_bunny 14 years ago eww.. No Ash and John,, pleasee.. John deserves much better...
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Rocky !
Rocky ! 14 years ago Kab tak this dude rohan sippy will sponge of bachchans.. sigh.. he is the most un talented director of recent times..apoorva lakhia and sanjay gupta the xerox machine.
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liby01 14 years ago Why cant ash sit at home and not eat our head.
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kavyaknair 14 years ago yaah.not neccessary twins r identical but mostly there are.non-identicals r rare case...they r showing a rare show.wat's t matter
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*riddhima* 14 years ago hi vidushi from allahabad i big fan of you . i like you very much Amber Dhara
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april19 14 years ago twins dont have to be identical though.. so i dont see what the problem is..

thanks for th article though.. adn good point!
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bansal_nidhi 15 years ago twins don't have to have things in common. I know a pair of twins that are sooo different that you can't even tell they are related. I also don't get where Ambar Dhara are connected, the doc showed their sides connected, but that's fake, their arms should at least be connected.
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TrustYourSelf 15 years ago well i'm sure they must have done some research for sure to make the some as believable as possible!

i can only say that i don't care that much about whom to bleive or not....as long as the soap stays interesting!

Coz AD rocks!
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Athena 15 years ago First of all the twins shown in the show are not really attached, they are two differenta actresses. Moreover, the show has gone about with an error, which is that they are showing Siamese twins who are fraternal, which is not possible. Siamese twins are supposed to be identical. Siamese twins are born when one egg, which splits in two (to form identical twins) does not completely split, hence the formation of Siamese twins. Some people are saying that it is a rare possibility that they can be fraternal. I have never heard of that before, I have always understood Siamese twins to be identical. And even if it is possible, why show somethign which is less likely to happen.
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Desi rani
Desi rani 15 years ago They are not twins for sure...
they are different actresses and thats true bcz when they did entry and 1 is playing guitar and the other 1 is singing they show them together and they were just standing together..saaf saaf dikh raha thah k do alag alag larkiyan khari hein..
sirf hath pakre huwe hein ek dosre ke.
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