Aman Sharma in Aise Karo Na Vida

Aman Sharma, the chirpy kid in Yeh Rishta will be seen in Aise Karo Na Vida, an upcoming show on Colors�

Aman Sharma aka Anshuman of Star Plus' Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai will be seen playing the character of Bolu in  COLORS' upcoming afternoon show, titled Aise Karo Na Vida, produced by DJ's Creative Unit. 

When we called Aman, his mom Sushma Sharma said, "Yes, he is a part of the show and will be playing an important role. I can't give you more details."

According to our source, "The character of Bolu is the best friend of main lead Reva (Aastha Chaudhary) and is always with her and supports her. Reva is a poor girl who is unaware of anything around her. She is very kiddish, and does not understand the seriousness of things. But one incident changes her whole life. She gets raped by a rich guy (played by Rohit Purohit), a spoilt brat and to compensate his deed his elder brother (played by Anas Rasid) gets married to Reva."

"Bolu aka Aman will always be a support to Reva, even after her marriage. His is a full-fledged role in the show", adds our source.

Looking forward to this platonic bond between a boy and girl

Reporter: Ranjini Nair
Author: Susan Jose

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Comments (8)

hope so she getz married 2 yash not 2 aryaman

13 years ago

that is their usp social issues anyways hope to see agood love the material is all their

14 years ago

AWWW! I'm so happy for this kid! Good luck and all the best Aman! =)

14 years ago

Aww that's great. Aman is awesome. Love him as Anshu. Good luck for your new role sweety. :)

14 years ago

Now rape??When will Colors come up with something other than a rona-dhona show??

14 years ago

why dont colours have different genre shows becoz all their shows are rona dona depressing shows.

14 years ago

He is really very sweet.....Waiting for the show....

14 years ago sweet..vese bhi nothing left in yeh of luck dear...

14 years ago

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