Allu Arjun takes the 'Pushpa' franchise global: Represents India at Berlinale 2024

Allu Arjun graces the Berlin Film Festival for a special screening of his blockbuster hit, ‘Pushpa: The Rise.’

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Allu Arjun for Berlinale

Allu Arjun is set to make waves on the global stage as he graces the Berlin Film Festival for a special screening of his blockbuster hit, ‘Pushpa: The Rise.’ The iconic star will not only attend the festival but also engage with international filmmakers, producers, and market buyers, showcasing the immense success and popularity of the 'Pushpa' franchise.

The Pushpa franchise has already conquered hearts worldwide, garnering tremendous success in countries like Russia, USA, Gulf, Australia, and the UK. Allu Arjun's presence at the Berlinale is expected to further elevate the global standing of the Pushpa series, setting the stage for an exciting encounter with the international press alongside the film's screening.

With the much-anticipated release of 'Pushpa 2: The Rule' scheduled for August 15, 2024, the film has already created a buzz nationwide. Allu Arjun's global representation adds an extra layer of anticipation, captivating not only the audience but also stirring excitement within trade circles. The Berlinale appearance is poised to become a pivotal moment in the film's journey towards international success.

Meanwhile, 'Pushpa 2' is currently in production, with Allu Arjun and co-star Rashmika Mandanna immersed in shooting for this highly anticipated movie of the year. Rashmika recently interacted with fans during an AMA session on Twitter, sharing insights into the film's progress. Responding to queries about 'Pushpa 2,' she expressed her enthusiasm, revealing that the shoot is progressing seamlessly and at an impressive pace. Rashmika eagerly awaits the audience's reactions when they witness the movie's magic unfold on the big screen on August 15.

With 'Pushpa 2: The Rule' shaping up to be another blockbuster, the excitement surrounding the film's global release is reaching unprecedented heights, solidifying Allu Arjun's status as an international cinematic icon.

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