All not hunky dory between Rahul and Monica..

Monica is insecure with Rahul and Payal's closeness, while Rahul tells Monica that he missed her a lot. Wonder where this love triangle is headed to? Catch all action in Bigg Boss..

Monica Bedi is back to the Bigg Boss house and as expected, Rahul Mahajan is one happy man!!

But all does not seem to be hunky dory between Monica and Rahul anymore as the lass seems quite insecure seeing the closeness of Rahul and Payal Rohatgi. Rahul, on the other hand tries his level best to explain to Monica that there is nothing going on between him and Payal.

According to our source, “Monica had a confrontation with Rahul that he does not have to clarify anything and it's quite visible to everyone what is happening and what is not. A shocked Rahul got emotional and said that he was waiting just for her and missed her smile, her talks etc.

Half-heartedly, Monica agrees to try and be normal towards Rahul, but does not succeed in doing so leaving Rahul in utter confusion as to what's happening”.

Well, if you thought love triangles happen only in Bollywood, then bite your tongue as you will get to know the fate of Monica-Rahul-Payal triangle on COLORS Bigg Boss tonight at 10 PM…

Author: Melanie

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Payal Rohatgi

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Monica Bedi

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Rahul Mahajan

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Rahul comes out as so characterless... I wish he gets eliminated tonite...

15 years ago

hmmm.....sounds intrestin...have 2 watch the respeat telecast of 2dayz epi!

15 years ago

its getting interestingggg.. I m glad that BB has brought Monica Bedi back than Sambhavana(sam-man). If Sam-Man was to be back than this show wouldn't be that interesting as it is now. And, Yeah, it will be more interesting. This week Raja will be out, b/c BB needs more masala between Rahul, Monica and Payal. Lest see and enjoy what happens.

15 years ago

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