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'All I did was think about winning' Hemant Brijwasi

Telly Buzz gives you an exclusive interview with child prodigy Hemant Brijwasi who the whole nation voted as Zee Saregamapa L'il Champ!

Published: Tuesday,Oct 27, 2009 14:56 PM GMT-06:00
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Hemant Brijwasi
comes from a small town called Naugaon that falls about 3kms from Mathura. This little boy fought against all the odds, including an elimination, to become the nation's undoubted Zee Saregamapa L'il Champ!

Obviously, the whole nation is in love with his voice but the boy has brought tremendous amount of blessings and happiness to his family. "My son has given me recognition today," says his father Hukamchand Brijwasi who just can't help gloating in his son's reflected glory.

Over to Hemant…

All I did was think about winning  Hemant Brijwasi
How did Saregamapa L'il Champs happen to you?
A local musician uncle told my father that a singing competition in Zee is searching for talents across the country through auditions and that we can go to the Delhi centre. This is how it started but it wasn't easy. We went to Delhi and my father, knowing the amount of crowd such an audition can attract, went and stood in the line at morning 4. It was just me and my father who went and me being little, my father could not let me stand alone in the line. This meant choosing between 'pet-puja' (tummy worship) and our spot in the line. So without food and water we stood in the line and made it inside the audition hall.

How did you feel when you finally made it there?

I thought- 'Thank god. Now we can finally eat once this is over'. But it didn't stop at that, since I went on clearing the rounds (laughs). And then after the final round I got a compliment from Abhijeet bhaiyya saying I'm really one of the better performers and that I should concentrate more on training myself. This encouraged me and gave a new push towards doing riyaaz. Finally I reached destination Mumbai!

But during the show you had gotten eliminated. What did you feel about that?
The elimination is completely justified as I had slackened during my performance that day. But it all happened for good. Because when I got back with a wild card entry I got super- focused with my training regimen as I didn't want to lose again. I just didn't want it to happen. So I never even let my mind wander in that direction. All I did was think about winning and how to win!

What do you think makes your voice so special?
I sing very differently from others. My voice is unique due to the sound it renders.

You are quite a specialist when it comes to Rafi Saab.
Yes. That happens because I like Rafi Saab a lot and keep listening to his songs on the radio.

Even your father happens to be a singer. How much has he inspired you?
A lot! I've gotten my voice because of him. He has been my trainer. He sings folk songs and so naturally my voice has a slight folk flavor to it.

Is it true you used to walk one and a half kilometers just to reach your school?
Yes, I used to do that. But then last year on my birthday my father gifted me a cycle. So I started riding my cycle to school.

What about now? How will you continue your education?
I've already lost about 7 months of schooling. So I will have to re-enter sixth standard. But now I'll be able to go to a better school because one of the top schools from Mathura has offered me scholarship. They are 'inviting' me to be part of their school!

Will you continue to work on songs while you're schooling?
No, studies are very important. If I get free time then I'll take up any project. Otherwise I won't. I aim to make it big in Bollywood someday. I will continue to work towards it by keeping up with my riyaaz.

You said you would collaborate with first runner-up Yatharth if you make it to Bollywood. True?

Yes. We became good friends during L'il Champs. And I want to work with him even after I grow up.

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose

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mahi @larki_punjaban 14 years ago he has a very good voice... but qwali and ghazal type music will suit him better
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Nidhi @Niti_89 14 years ago Congratulations Hemant !
And all the best for ur future !!
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San @sanw 14 years ago such a sweet boy with so good answers

all the best for future
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toothbrush13 @toothbrush13 14 years ago Very nice interview. His answers are so simple and sweet, and I love that he's actually excited about educating himself, instead of just concentrating on music. Also, I think its so cute that he wants to work with Yatharth. I hope these kids stay good and don't let anything go to their heads.
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Simran @meiskan 14 years ago best wishes to you and the other finalists! hope to see you all on tv on day ahah
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Shalini @shalini01 14 years ago Hemant u are such an amazing singer. You are so humble and sweet. i was praying for you to win. Best of luck for the future and many many congratulations.
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luv_sakshi @luv_sakshi 14 years ago Best Wishes to Hemant, Shreyasi & Yatharth for all their future endeavours!!
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rchand004 @rchand004 14 years ago Great job Hemant. always supported you to win.
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KBCFan @KBCFan 14 years ago i had always supported and wanted Hemant to win. I am very happy that he wants to work with yadarth and be friends with him. Love that team spirit.
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Masooma Bukhari @MasoomaBukhari 14 years ago Kash yeh yatharth ka interview hota as a winner.
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