Alia Bhatt spreads awareness through a spine chilling video as 'Poacher' release date comes closer - WATCH

Alia Bhatt shares a spine-chilling video for her upcoming production venture 'Poacher' streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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Alia Bhatt

Poacher is a fictionalized dramatization of real-life events which unearths the biggest ivory poaching ring in Indian history. Written, created, and directed by Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Richie Mehta, the series features an accomplished ensemble cast including Nimisha Sajayan, Roshan Mathew, and Dibyendu Bhattacharya. 

The story is based on a group of Indian Forest Service officers, NGO workers, police constables, and good Samaritans who risked their lives trying to track down this investigation. Actor, Entrepreneur, and Producer, Alia Bhatt is the Executive Producer for the series, with her production company Eternal Sunshine Productions.

In a chilling awareness video, which Prime Video just dropped, an eerie silence, foul smell, and a morbid aura have taken over the beautiful, serene, and rejuvenating atmosphere of the forest. Alia is in a state of shock, as she comes across a loaded rifle, bullet casings, and the silhouette of a lifeless body that would send shivers down the spine of anyone present and make the gruesome, unspeakable acts of horrors feel even more real. 

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Rattled by the crime scene in the middle of the forest and the silhouette where an innocent life was brutally and untimely taken, makes you agonizingly reflect about the value of life. Be it human or animal, shouldn’t the value of all lives be the same? And crimes against either should not go unpunished, after all, ‘Murder is Murder’.

 Home to elephants and countless other animals, the forest was always meant to be a safe haven for them, until the arrival of poachers. Intruding, encroaching, and killing mercilessly, poachers have forced many animals onto the list of endangered species. 

 Poacher is executive produced by QC Entertainment’s Edward H. Hamm Jr., Raymond Mansfield, and Sean McKittrick, in association with Suitable Pictures, Poor Man’s Productions, and Eternal Sunshine Productions. Alan McAlex (Suitable Boy) serves as producer for Suitable Pictures. Also from Delhi Crime are Director of Photography Johan Aidt, composer Andrew Lockington and editor Beverley Mills.

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