Akshay Kumar on OTT release of 'OMG2': "People asked to release the uncut version but I said no because..."

In a recent interview Akshay Kumar addressed the speculations of 'OMG2's OTT print having the uncut version.

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It was recently that Akshay Kumar's talked about film 'OMG 2' was released on Netflix following it's theatrical release. The film, directed by Amit Rai, sought to shed light on the dire need for comprehensive sex education in India. However, prior to its theatrical release, the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) recommended a staggering 27 cuts, sparking controversy. While the movie eventually proceeded with these cuts, speculations arose about the uncut version potentially finding its way onto OTT platforms. Akshay Kumar recently addressed these speculations, shedding light on the film's journey and the censorship challenges it encountered.

The entire 'OMG 2' team was taken aback when the CBFC recommended 27 cuts, and to add to the surprise, the film received an A certificate, classifying it as suitable only for adults. Akshay Kumar expressed his bewilderment during an interview with India Today, stating, "I made a movie on sex education and there was a problem. It was given an adult certificate. I made a film for children, but it was very unfortunate I got an adult certificate for it. Children should be watching it! Our population is 1.5 billion; don't you think we require sex education? It was just very sad."

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Despite the initial challenges, 'OMG 2' was released with the recommended cuts. However, rumors began to circulate about the uncut version potentially making its way onto streaming platforms. Akshay Kumar, in the same interview, clarified his stance on the matter. "The film is out on Netflix, and people were saying that we should release the uncut version, but I said no. Because let's respect the censor board. We will put the same cut they gave us. I respected them and went ahead with the same cut they gave us," he revealed. 

'OMG 2' also boasted a talented cast, including Pankaj Tripathi and Yami Gautam, and resonated with audiences, becoming a box office hit. The film's unique approach to raising awareness about the importance of sex education in India ignited essential conversations on a topic often regarded as taboo.

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Wish censor board respected us and didn't release Adipurush at all🫠 OMG2 should have been out without the cuts, atleast on Netflix where teens and young adults, the target audience, would have got to watch the movie with a hint of spirituality🫠 But ig it's not just about censor board anymore, or even tha audience atp😵

7 months ago

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