Akhiraj to compel Kamli to get married in Balika Vadhu!

An interesting track is coming up in Colors' Balika Vadhu...

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The makers of Colors' Balika Vadhu, are always on their toes to bring in interesting twists and turns in their show to entertain their masses.

As per the ongoing track, Kamli loves Gopal but Kamli's father Akheraj is constantly trying to find a guy for her and wants her to get married as soon as possible. Nimboli (Gracy Goswami) and she did something when a guy came to see her which made Akhiraj very angry.

Something interesting is in store for the viewers -

Our source says, "Akhiraj (Sunil Singh) will call the people for the alliance and this time a mentally retarded guy Puskar (Parichay Sharma) will come along with his father. Kamli will be called out so that Pushkar's family can see her. She will be shocked to see that she will be getting married to a mentally retarded guy but he will agree to sacrifice her love because of her father. But as she is deeply in love with Gopal (Rishi Dev) she will try to end her life by cutting her wrist with a knife but will Nimboli will stop her from doing this and will assure her that she will meet Gopal. This will come as relief for Kamli as she will hope that still there a chance that she can go back to Gopal."

"Gopal in the night will come to meet Kamli as Nimboli will pass on the message given by Kamli. Kamli will hug Gopal and will cry telling him that she is getting married to a mentally retarded guy. Gopal will console her and will tell her that he will find a way," adds the source.

"On the other hand, Kundan will feel thirsty and go in the kitchen to quench his thirst. While coming back to his room, he will spot her Kamli waving goodbye to a guy but won't be able to see his face. Kundan (Sparsh Shrivastav) will star shouting that there is a guy who has come to meet Kamli. This will make Akhiraj very angry and he will end up beating Kamli with a stick to know who that guy was, but Kamli will remain mum. Akhiraj will lock Kamli in the room and will tell everyone that she will not come out until she gets married", ends the source.

Will Gopal and Kamli get separated forever?

To know more keep reading this space!

Neha Jain

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