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Akashdeep turns Archana Puran Singh in Comedy Circus..

Watch the rib-tickling role reversal episode in Comedy Circus this Saturday, May 19th...

We all know Akashdeep for his bad boy act… but this Saturday, May 19 the viewers will get to see the beautiful side to Akash! This week's theme on Comedy Circus is roles reversal and our contestants have taken this a bit too seriously!

Everyone has put their best foot forward, but the surprise package was Akashdeep… he emulated the judge Archana Puran Singh, the lady with a very infectious laughter upto the mark. Archana was impressed with Akash's take on her so much so that she agreed that he did look much better than her in reality! Well there's no doubt Archie that you have a masculine laughter... and a Punjab da built but our viewers love you for all that and more!

Akash looked gracious and was a perfect picture of elegance and charm… what one has to wait and watch is whether he has managed to impress the other judges – Satish Shah and Shekhar Suman or will he be in the danger zone.

Will luck favour Akashdeep the third time around? To know more stay tuned to the episode where the guys swap their genders and entertain you…

So book your appointment for your weekly dose of laughter every Saturday 10.00 pm only on Sony Entertainment Television.


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Jaslove 12 years ago akash looks cute n funny.

dang look @ those arm of his in the sari lolz...applause :)
wackysharu 12 years ago can hardly wait to see... he looks soo cute... they look like twins...
blyton 12 years ago Wow he looks so funny! I sincerely hope he stays on in the is takig him time to open up but he's getting there!

But what is this abuot masculine laugh? Why should hearty laughter be supposed to be the exclusive property of males? I love Archana's livens up the show!
raym 12 years ago hahahaha....he looks so funny but i like him
kvashishat 12 years ago he ooks so cute and funny . i hopehe sprinkles some of the laughter his time too
mimi0295 12 years ago HAHA! He err. I mean SHE is one sexy women ;)
zaramalik99 12 years ago aww mi sexcii babe lookin good actually look like a gurl aww mwahzz
ISano 12 years ago omg.. i coudlnt regonize him at 1st
pallavi25 12 years ago He looks hilarious! lolz cant wait for the show.
ShellyB 12 years ago lolsssssssssss he looks to hilarious, his proper psoing n'll with his red lips, pouting n everything lolssss even his muscular biceps popping out in a blouse hihihiiiiiiiiii hope the funny pics live up2 its xpectation
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